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Flying Saucer at Lake Ray Hubbard


The Flying Saucer chain has been hovering around the Metroplex for about twenty years, but I’ve only been sighted there a few times.  It’s not that I didn’t like their slightly wacky flavor of food and beverage service, it’s that the saucer seemed to fly a different schedule.  But that was before I moved to Heath, now I fly a different schedule.

The Bass Pro Exit

Before we started building a home on the eastern edge of the Metroplex, the Bass Pro Shops development (on a spit of land on the Garland side of Lake Ray Hubbard) wasn’t on my radar.  I lived in Far North Dallas.  Addison was around the corner.  If I was in the mood for a beer, the choices were multitudinous and the Flying Saucer crowd seemed to be from a different demographic.

Now I live in the Lakeplex.  There are still plenty of choices, just not quite as many.  What was true of a restaurant or bar in Dallas isn’t necessarily so out here.  Suddenly the strip of restaurants next to the Bass Pro Shop seemed much more interesting than previously and I’ve been exploring them.  So far I’d established that Primo’s Tex Mex Grill was a winner and Texas Land and Cattle Steak House was a loser.  It was time to check out the local Saucer on the Lake.

A Need to Escape

Our lives have changed a lot with the move to Heath.  Some of that is by choice, like the decision to focus on home-cooked meals.  Some of those changes have come about because this is a new house with the need to establish a lawn.  Also, the focus on building this house has caused us to get behind in other areas of life.

On a recent Sunday I was in my office hammering away at my to do list, while Bill worked in the yard, clearing the brush around the pond.  We desperately needed to get away from the house before the work week started again.  So we took a bit of a Sunday drive, exploring parts of Heath we hadn’t visited yet.  One thing led to another and we decided to visit the Flying Saucer.

It Looks Like a Dump

To me, the exterior decor of the Flying Saucer looks like one of the abandoned sardine canneries on Cannery Row in Monterrey Bay, CA.  I’m not sure if that was the intention of the architectural committee or not, but Bill thought it looked more like a dump.  In fact, he didn’t call it “The Flying Saucer,” he called it “that dumpy bar by Bass Pro.”  So that was his frame of reference.

Bill cataloged the broken down equipment and rusty accouterments as we walked towards the entrance.  Shabby is not chic in his book.  However, as soon as we got inside, the gleaming wood and shiny brass told a different story.  Bill was relieved that the exterior had not been a precursor of the interior.  Still we hurried through the dark, clubby atmosphere of the inside section and headed out to the extensive patio.

But it’s No Dump

We opted for a tall table right next to the railing of the patio.  The seating offered in this section is backless stools.  Another section was full of tall chairs with backs.  Other people might have moved to the other section, but Bill just exchanged the furniture.

By the time we’d ordered a couple of beers and some nachos,Bill had developed a new mindset.  This wasn’t a dumpy bar next to Bass Pro Shops, it was his new favorite place.  He opined that living out by the lake was a great life and his view of the lake on the Saucer’s patio was better than many resorts he’d been to.

Go for the Views and the Brews

All in all, Bill and I had a wonderful afternoon at the Saucer on the Lake.  The patio is large with  amazing views in all directions.  The demographics are all over the place.  In fact, the population on the patio pretty much covered every option, which was part of the charm.

The beer list is extensive – probably more like exhaustive.  We chose light beers, because we are watching our figures, but it was tempting to be adventurous.The have wine and mixed drinks aplenty also.  The nachos weren’t anything to write home about, but they were OK.  The food seems fairly secondary to the whole purpose of the establishment.

I can tell you this, we’ll be back to the Flying Saucer and I’ll be back next week with another review.

2 thoughts on “Flying Saucer at Lake Ray Hubbard”

  1. I just like the idea of going into a Flying Saucer for a meal. Does it set high off the ground? There used to be a Flying Saucer house between Rockwall and Quinlan, I believe. It’s been a while since I was there. At the time it was for rent, but you had to climb a ladder to get to the house. Hope it was furnished!


    1. Unfortunately Bev, there’s nothing very saucer-ish at the Flying Saucer. It’s just a name, not a theme.I got a huge spike in views this morning and I think it was from people googling flying saucer. What a disappointment a restaurant review most have been.


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