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Stampede 66, Dallas TX



I’ve been holding out on you.  We visited this restaurant back in July and I’ve never gotten around to telling you about it.  Allow me to correct that error and tell you about Stampede 66.

You had me at Stephen Pyles

Even though I’m the one with the never-ending list of next-places-I-want-to-go, every once and awhile I like for my husband to do the dating thing.  You know the one where they ask you out to do something they’ve picked out.  Well, the evening at Stampede 66 was Bill’s idea and I want to give him all the credit.

He sent me an email asking for a date AND he picked out the restaurant.  I’d never heard of Stampede 66 at that point, but a quick peek at Google informed that he’d done pretty good, because it was a Stephen Pyles restaurant.  The western theme explained the Stampede.  The 66 part I’m still unsure of.  Is it a reference to Route 66, Phillips 66 gasoline or an address in Forney which comes up when you put Stampede 66 into some map programs?  Or perhaps something else too subtle for me to understand.

Cowboy Cuteness

This really is a theme restaurant.  The interior looks like the inside of a barn – a chic barn mind you, but a barn nonetheless.  They have wood plank floors, a rattlesnake metal sculpture and other cowboy-ish decor.  Their website urges patrons to wear Western apparel, but I saw more short-short jumpsuits than I did silver buckles on tooled leather belts.  The crowd was one part millenials, one part out-of-towners and one part uptowners.

One of my favorite features of the decor is a series of wooden squares hanging on one wall.  Each square has a really silly sounding word or phrase on it.  After a few moments of reading through the squares I realized they were all names of Texas towns.  I wonder how many of these millenials,  out-of-towners and uptowners actually get that.

Cowboy Delicious

The menu describes itself as Modern Texas Cuisine and they’ve got the Texas part down pat.  We’re talking quail, chorizo, meatloaf and chili.

My husband chose the Barbequed Brisket with Potato Salad, but it wasn’t the same stuff you get at Dickey’s.  He swears its the best brisket he’s ever had and that he will be going down there pretty frequently for another helping.  I tasted it and I have to agree it was pretty darned good.  The Potato Salad was orange, so that tells you its not what they had at the last family reunion – ketchup maybe?

I had the Shrimp & Grits and it was good, but I’ve decided I must not be a big fan of Shrimp & Grits.  I like Shrimp and I like Grits, but somehow, whenever I have them together it never tastes exactly like I think I want it to taste.  The next time Bill goes down there for some of their brisket, I’m trying something else.

So, do I think you should go to Stampede 66.  Well, of course!  But think twice before you wear you bandanna and Stetson – it’s not that kind of Cowboy.

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