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Brunch at Crossroads Diner – Dallas TX

My new favorite app!
My new favorite app!


Looking for a great place for brunch in Dallas?  Try Crossroads Diner!  On a recent Sunday we were headed to the Kimbell Art Museum to see the Botticelli to Braque exhibition.  You can read about that here, but on the way we stopped at Crossroads Diner for a delicious brunch.  You should go soon, too.

Me and My Talk Shows

Bill says I’m addicted to conservative talk radio.  I say he’s brainwashed by the liberal media.  I do listen to conservative radio, but I balance it with lots of mainstream reporting and the Facebook postings of my liberal friends.  I figure some spot in the middle of all those sources is the truth.

If I’m in the car on weekday mornings, I will tune into The Mark Davis Show.  He’s definitely Conservative, but he’s also mild-mannered – unlike some more famous conservative pundits.  For a while he was on WBAP, but he’s moved over to The Answer, where I also listen to Sean Hannity (another of the more pleasant forms of Conservatism). Anyway, that’s how I found out about Crossroads Diner, listening to the radio.

Timing Issues

I’ve been hearing about Crossroads Diner for a long time, but was having a hard time connecting with it.  The diner, located near the intersection of Central and Walnut Hill, is open from 7 AM- 2PM Tuesday through Sunday, but I’m rarely in that part of town at that time of day and even when I am, it’s a place I wanted to share with Bill, not make a solo trip to.

Also, the diner is right next door to Cedars, one of Bill’s favorite mezza grills.  So, even if we happened to be in the area come lunch time, Bill would always choose the Cedars over someplace I’d heard about on that radio station he hates.  So I knew if I was going to get Bill to the restaurant, it would need to be for breakfast, but the opportunity never presented itself – until Sunday.

Something Different 

Even though we’ve only been in Heath for a few months, we’ve already been creating some ruts.  A couple of Sundays ago, Bill wanted to crawl out of one of them and he let me know early enough in the day to get him to Crossroads Diner for brunch.

As I feared, plenty of other people know about Crossroads Diner and the front of the restaurant was covered up with folks waiting for a table.  We feared the worst, but we were assured our wait would be less than half an hour and then they wanted my phone number.  This was a new twist.  I wasn’t making a reservation they’d have to call me about.  I was right there in front of them.

They said they wanted the number because they were going to text me, but a test text to verify my number said it was powered by No Wait, so of course I had to check it out.  I’m not one of those people whose eyes are permanently affixed to my phone, but I love clever apps.  Way back when smartphones first came out and I was still using a flip phone I was inordinately jealous of folks whose phone could read those blocks of data on museum walls.  Red Laser was one of the first apps I downloaded.  I dig apps.

I downloaded the No Wait app and found out 23 parties were in line ahead of me.  That was discouraging.  I checked it a few minutes later and there was only 18.  Suddenly I loved the app.   We’ve all had that nagging worry the hostess has forgotten about us or we’ve been skipped over.  No more!!  BTW, Crossroads got us in well within the twenty minutes they promised and I loved being able to watch our progress on the app.

My guess is that this app is going to spread like wildfire.  No more starting out on the wrong foot when you’re eating out.  Imagine knowing how long the wait is going to be before you head to a restaurant.  Even better, imagine putting yourself in line and the restaurant being ready for you just about the time you arrive.  I’m sure there’s a downside to it, like people who put themselves in line and then don’t show up.  And then there are all the people that will figure out a way to mess it up for everyone else.  I hate those guys!

There’s another reason I like the app.  You know how you go to a restaurant and put yourself on the waiting list.  Then after a few minutes you decide the wait will be too long or you think of someplace else you’d rather be.  Well, I always hate going back to the hostess to confess we’re leaving, but I also don’t like to think of them calling, “Jane, party of two,” and having to repeat it while all the other patrons curse whoever it was that skipped out without notifying the hostess.  No Wait lets you get out of line with the just a click.  Brilliant!

So How Was the Food?

OK, I’m getting to that.  I just had to tell you about my new app.  The food was great.

The decor in the diner is pretty simple.  Nothing to write home about – except for the chandelier made out of industrial-sized whisks.  I thought that was pretty clever.  There’s an upstairs which I assume serves private parties.  Oh, and if you like outdoors the way I do, there’s a small patio outside with lots of seats.  Most of them were full during my visit, along with every other surface to sit on or lean against.

Bill had corn-beef hash which he loved and it came with pancakes.  Warning, asking for whole wheat will cost you a dollar.  What he was most crazy about though, was the coffee.  First and foremost, it was hot.  Bill has a real fetish for hot.  Our microwave gets a lot of business from him.  Restaurants never serve the coffee hot enough for him, so he was first blown away by the temperature and he insisted that I mention it in my blog.  Then he TASTED the coffee and he was overcome with joy – so much joy that he had to ask what kind of coffee it was and could he buy any.  The coffee is illy, BTW, and I’m guessing you’ll soon be able to get a cup at our house.

I had a frittata, something I love but can rarely get.  I’m not a fan of omelets, because all the stuff in them is basically raw.  With frittatas everything else is cooked before you throw in the egg and I like it that way.  I had the Greek Frittata and it was delicious.  Had I been cooking it, I would have crumbled the feta as opposed to throwing in cubes of the stuff.  It looked a little odd and I just think the whole texture thing would have been better with crumbles.  Then again, I’m funny about textures, so I probably don’t count.

So that’s it and I know I’ve gone on too long, but I had a lot about this visit that I wanted you to know.  come back next week and see what else I’ve been up to.


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