All This and Friends on the Side

Reggie & Rita with Mike Whittle of Whittle & Johnson Custom Builders
Reggie & Rita with Mike Whittle of Whittle & Johnson Custom Builders


Last week as I told you about the ups and downs of building, I mentioned Reggie, one of the neighbors we’ve gotten to know here in Buffalo Creek.  Not only did we find the perfect lot and build a beautiful home.  We also moved into one of the friendliest places I’ve ever lived.  One thing we haven’t had to look for in our new home is friends – they’ve found us.

Our First Friendly Neighbors

The first neighbors we met were Reggie and Rita.  They were considering a lot at the end of our cul-de-sac, but hadn’t yet signed on the dotted line.  We didn’t meet them on their best day.  Rita was madder than a wet hen.  She’d loved the house in Buffalo Creek they’d just sold and moved out of.  Reggie’s dreams for a house at the end of our street weren’t translating into anything she understood yet, so there was a little discord on the day we met.

They did decide to buy the lot and we were soon commiserating with one another over the slings and arrows of building a home.  We quickly discovered Rita’s sunny disposition was going to bubble to the top, no matter how concerned she was about the house and Reggie is about the most even tempered guy we’ve ever met.  They have become our dear friends.  Chats in the middle of the street became dinner at their favorite local hang-outs.  We celebrated New Year’s Eve with them and have enjoyed their knowledge of the area.  They make us feel like natives.

As I said last week, Reggie passes our house almost every day when he plays golf.  More often than the builder would like to admit, Reggie’s daily golf habit saved us from loss and damage when a sub failed to lock up our house.  He got to the point where he knew almost as much about what was going on with our build as Bill did and Bill was there every day.

More Friendly Neighbors

In the meantime, we met two more couples:  George & Janice and Pete & Sherry.  We met George one day when he was outside staking a tree.  Their house had been built on spec by our builders and we’d actually had meetings there several times before it became George & Janice’s house.

Like Rita, George was a little grumbly the day we met.  He was livid over the state the landscaping our builder dumped on him, but it didn’t take him long to warm up to us and his wife is a delight.  The pond which brings us so much joy (and the occasional water moccasin), has been leaking on their end and hampering the building of their swimming pool, but it hasn’t stopped we two couples from becoming friends and sharing the occasional happy hour.

Pete & Sherry are building on the other side of us.  They are the “senior statesmen” of our street, but they keep leaving us “youngsters” in the dust as they zip around the neighborhood in their shiny Corvette.  Pick a weekend, any weekend, and you’ll discover this pair has an agenda that would wear out a Marine battalion.  Still, they find time to be good neighbors.  On moving day it was Pete and Sherry who showed up with a care package to kept us going through the frustrations of our fire and rain move.  We can’t wait to return the favor.

Thank you Nohelly & Omar
Thank you Nohilly & Omar!  these lovely flowers came from their yard.

An HOA with Hospitality

Our HOA is also doing their best to connect dots between neighbors.  We’ve been to holiday parties, pool openings and HOA meetings and at every one we meet new people we’re glad to have as neighbors.  Take Omar & Nohilly for instance.  I’ve heard of parties looking for a place to happen and that is definitely this couple.  I met Nohilly at the Winter Holiday Party and she promised to keep an eye out for us.  Shortly after we moved in she knocked on our door and she’s been taking care of us ever since – amazing meals and happy hours happen at her place.  Two lovelier people don’t exist on this earth.

So yes, I am at home in Heath.  I’m still looking for a place to call my church home, but we’ll soon be wrapping up our return visits and doubling down on the churches we like the best.  It’s not a decision we have to hurry, because we’re not going anywhere!

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