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A Steak Worth It’s Saltgrass


The plan was to visit a steakhouse on the other side of the lake from Rockwall, but I-30 Westbound was closed. That made Saltgrass Steakhouse look pretty good.

My History with Saltgrass

In a place like the Metroplex, there are so many restaurants to choose from that you can’t get to them all.  Saltgrass has been around for a long time – perhaps decades, but we don’t usually go out for steak, because hubby cooks a mean steak on our grill.  In fact, this was exactly my fifth visit to a Saltgrass, but it made me think there would be more.

My first visit was on a night in January and I’m pretty sure it was way back before we went to California. We went there to celebrate my mom’s birthday and as Snoopy would say, “It was a dark and stormy night.”  The food and service were both good, but the weather was so terribly awful that just driving by the place years later made my clothes damp.

Years later my friend and I wanted to go to a restaurant out close to the airport, to kill time before her son’s plane arrived.  I had a coupon for a free appetizer, so we went to Saltgrass.  This time the weather was fine.

Then, this fall, when we were still enjoying building the house, we ended up having dinner at the same Saltgrass we’d gone to with my mom, only this time the weather was better.  In fact, we had delicious dinners washed down with cold beer.  It was on the weekend and the place had a good vibe.  We laughed about the fact that we had avoided the restaurant for so many years.  I remember pointing out that we had a Saltgrass in Rockwall, close to where we were building.

So in January, when I had my sister and her husband out to Heath to see our house under construction, Saltgrass seemed like a good choice for lunch.  It was!  We shared a bottle of wine, ate great meals and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I was on a Saltgrass roll.

Visit Number Five

Still, when we made plans for dinner with some friends, they wanted to go across the lake, because they had never been there.  They came over to our house to see the progress we’d made since we moved in.  They were interested because they are building down the street with the same builder and wanted to know how the punch list was going.  After a glass of wine on the patio we headed out, but not to Saltgrass.

The closer we got to the highway, the more congestion there was.  At first we thought it was just the usual mess at Horizon and Ridge, but as we were sitting through the same light for the third time, we got a clue that things weren’t quite right.  By the time we got to the access road, we could see nothing was moving on 30, so we opted for Saltgrass.  Seems a whole lot of other people had, too.  The place was packed, but on Saturday night at 8PM, where are you going to go – especially if 30 is a parking lot.

We got lucky and found some seats near the hostess stand and started comparing building notes.  That can certainly eat up a lot of time.  Before we knew it, our page lit up like Christmas and we were led to our table.

What a great experience!  The food was delicious.  Rita had some amazing tacos, I had a very nice steak, Bill had a mound of tasty ribs and I forget what Reggie had, but he loved his too.  And can you say generous portions?  Reggie had ordered the Queso Fresco and I think we were all satisfied after that scrumptious delight – But we’d already ordered dinner.

Confession, I ate my baked potato (a treat I usually don’t allow myself to have) and after a bite or two, saved my steak for another day.  Bill had more than enough ribs and sweet baked potato for several meals.  So we not only enjoyed our visit to Saltgrass, we continued to enjoy it for several days.  What’s more, Reggie and Rita were reminded how much they liked the place.  I’m thinking we’ll all be back there – and often.

Come back next week and see what’s up!

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