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And She’s Off!


It’s hard to be a travel blogger when you’re not traveling anywhere. For almost a year I’ve been focused on settling in, not getting out there. That’s coming to an end.

Getting Back to What I Love

Traveling is who I am.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy resort on a sapphire sea, but it needs to be something.  Last June I made a marvelous trip to California.  There was a family reunion of sorts and I spent some time with friends from my days out there.  I visited familiar places like Monterrey Bay, but I also discovered new ones, like Lotusland.

Then I went nowhere.  We sold our Dallas house and moved to Wylie while the Heath house was under construction.  It was supposed to be a dream house, but it was a nightmare to build.  It also sucked the very life out of me.  I sure do hope we like it here in Heath, because I’m never moving again, ever.  Well, I should say we don’t plan to ever move again, but if for some reason we do, there will be no building project.  We’d find someplace nice and make do.

So now that I’m through packing and unpacking moving boxes, I’m ready to start packing and unpacking suitcases.  That’s much more my style.  And my first trip?

San Antonio Stroll

Well, I’m leaving tomorrow for San Antonio.  It will be a girl’s trip – just me and my bestie – revisiting favorite places with one of my favorite people.  We’re calling the trip The San Antonio Stroll.

Here’s how I know that traveling is my thing.  I even like the grunt work.  I spent several days doing research and mapping out an itinerary.  I made reservations at the wrong motel and had to change them.  Found conflicting information on the internet and chased down the answers.  I found coupons and verified which museums my Dallas Museum of Art membership would get me into for free.

Now my bags are packed and I’m ready to go…sounds like the lyrics to a song, right?  Come back next week and find out how it went.

2 thoughts on “And She’s Off!”

  1. I always say that your own town is a great place to be a tourist, but I haven’t even been very good at that this year. Seems like all I’ve done is eat fast food and pick out tile!


  2. Welcome back to the world of travel. Once it is in your blood, you just can’t stop. Even though I can’t travel far these days, I still find lots of interesting spots not too far from home.


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