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Bar Louie Has Its Strengths

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Have I really been in the new house for a month? Hard to believe it, but it’s true.  Shortly before the move, bestie and I took a break on a Saturday afternoon, but I hadn’t taken any time to tell you about it.

Frolicking at Firewheel Town Center

Now that I’ve been living on the east side of the Metroplex, Firewheel Town Center has sort of become my mall.  Heath is devoid of retail establishments and Rockwall has strip malls where I run errands, not places that urge me to linger.  On this particular day I was in the mood to linger – a lot, like two margaritas worth.  The build was driving my husband and I crazy.  We’d had to hide all the sharp objects from ourselves.  So I called my bestie!

Our first inclination was to head over to Gloria’s, which is one of our favorite watering holes, but we decided to be a little more adventurous, which landed us at Bar Louie.  The place looked pretty cool, but we had to be brave, because it was virtually empty.  Theoretically, it should have been packed. It was a beautiful Saturday and an open air restaurant/bar seems like it should have been just the ticket.  Nope – we were the only patrons.

Bar Louis is very serious about their drinks, which are all creative and interesting.  Deb is all into creative and interesting, so she tried something from the drink menu, but all I wanted was a margarita.  I also wanted comfort food.  So we ordered a couple of appetizers.  I could tell the waitress was very disappointed with my drink choice, but she was the least of my worries.

There’s nothing like a good friend that knows how to listen.  Deb asked all the right questions and I poured out my sob story.  The conversation came to a halt when the food came out.  The nachos were among the best I’d ever had and the spinach and artichoke dip was to die for.  Tequila, carbs and my bestie were the antidote I needed.  Life got better.

Bar Louie got better, too.  As time passed more patrons came in and we began to feel a little more normal.  Deb’s something creative was a sangria, which she thought was second only to the ones we had in Eureka Springs – and since we’ve both agreed those are like the best drinks we’ve ever had in our lives, that’s saying a lot.  Obviously a second round was in order.

Things Went Awry

But then it was time to go and our waitress had disappeared.  We’re not talking she hadn’t been seen in the last few minutes.  We continued to chat as we nursed our second round and the waitress wasn’t seen again after she made that delivery.  That’s irritating in any situation, but Deb had places to go, so we needed to get on our way.

After we’d waited a lot longer than we should have had to, Deb went to the bar and asked if we could pay there.  Believe it or not, the answer was no.  You don’t want to tell Deb no.  She came back to the table with steam coming out of her ears.  We cooled our heels for a little while longer, but when it became obvious that the waitress was not coming back and that no one else cared in the least, we had to take action.

Deb returned to the bar.  “I understand that you can’t give us our bill, so get me someone in management who can.”  We had our bill, lickety split and we were out of there.

Peach Sangria? Great!  Nachos? Amazing! Artichoke Dip?  Delicious!  Margarita? Fine! Service?  D+.  Everything was fine until we needed to leave.  Too bad about that.

Come back next week and see what else I’ve been up to lately.

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