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Our First Night in Heath


On our move-in day, my peaceful respite on the patio was cut short by two texts, but I was happy to receive both. One was Bill letting me know the second load was on its way. The other was my bestie, telling me she was leaving work and coming to help out.  She also wanted to find out if we needed food.

Ah food – no need for that.  We’d grabbed snacks out of our survival kit all day long, but we hadn’t gotten around to giving it our full attention and there was a lot there to pay attention to.  Knowing the delicious gift was waiting for us,  I encouraged Bill and Debbie to hurry up.  Then I set about making sure we were ready for the second load – pets safe, pathways clear, that sort of thing.

The Second Load

The second load was both easier and more difficult than the first.  We’d sorted out all the boxes with the first load, but now we had all the big stuff.  Nightfall had come and the rain continued.

The final piece to come in was our refrigerator.  Of course, it wouldn’t fit through any of the doors accessible from the driveway.  They had to move the truck to the front of the house and carry it up the front walk which has three sets of steps on its way up to the house.  These guys had to be hating on us about right now and that’s when the bottom fell out of the sky – as if it had not been draining all day long.

Bill was tired, the movers were tired, I was tired – and the refrigerator didn’t fit into the space which had been custom built for it.  We left the refrigerator in the middle of the floor and ushered the movers out into the wet night.

The First Meal

Deb and I had been setting the table and unloading the gift box.  What a feast!  Along with a delicious bottle of wine were different kinds of crackers, a plethora of cheese and even a roll of hard salami.  By then it was after nine o’clock, but we went ahead and texted our neighbors to tell them what lifesavers they’d been to deliver that box.

With our strength renewed, Deb and I cleaned off the table.  Then it was time for her to head home.  She foolishly offered up her services over the weekend.  I warned her that the next job was cleaning the rent house, but she didn’t renig on the offer.

We were in!  Thankfully I’d made up the bed earlier in the day.  We figured out a way to plug in the refrigerator and unloaded the ice chests full frozen food and other perishables.  There were a million other things we needed to do – but tomorrow was another day.

The First Frog Serenade

That’s when we heard the frogs – one great big bullfrog and a chorus of tenors.  We hadn’t quite counted on a serenade, but I was so tired that nothing could have stood between me and slumber.  I think the Vienna Boys Choir would have had a hard time keeping me awake – even if they’d been standing at the foot of my bed.  A few frogs quickly faded into nirvana.

What happened over the weekend – more excitement!  Come back and I’ll tell you about it.

1 thought on “Our First Night in Heath”

  1. Life is filled with problems. Our task is to handle them with a sense of humor if at all possible. The actual process of moving is never fun in my opinion, but once you are settled you should enjoy life in your new home. It sounds beautiful!


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