Some More of the Moving to Heath Story

The View That Started It All
The View That Started It All


Let’s see now, where were we? Oh yes, we’d just put out the fire and the movers were beginning to unload the truck.

Interior Traffic Jams

One crisis was resolved, but the last time I’d been in the house, the painters were draped over the stairwell.  So, I went back in to make sure they’d gotten out of the way.  The good news is they weren’t in the stairwell anymore.  The bad news?  They were in the Master Suite, blocking the way to the closet.

Of course, the movers were right behind me with a chest which needed to go into our closet.  The movers and painters engaged in a high energy conversation.  The discussion was in Spanish, a language I don’t understand, but I think the painters won, because they stayed in our way the rest of the day.  The painters were busy touching up trim work which the movers would bump with every trip through the house.  It was a very long day.

Along the way, the movers said our second load would have to be delayed until the following day.  This really wasn’t the end of the world, but in my mind I kept trying to remember what was left behind and what I’d need to compensate for before the day is over.  I knew the frig was still back at the rent house, but I wasn’t sure whether they’d gotten our bed or not – and if they did, did they get all of it or only the mattresses.

Welcome Wagon

Our first official visitors were Pete and Sherry,  the couple which is building next door to us.  Bless their hearts they showed up with a box full of delicious snacks.  After thanking them profusely, I took the box inside and inventoried it – cheeses, sausage, crackers and wine.  What a wonderful survival kit!  I lamented the fire anew, because I wouldn’t be able to keep the cheese and sausage cold.  I didn’t think anything in our delicious gift would spoil, but I assumed we’d have some pretty soggy cheese.

When I returned to the garage, Bill had another visitor, Aaron, the builders rep.  Seems as if in the hurry to get our house habitable, he’d failed to bill us for the final payment and had come amid the chaos to pick up a check.  After Bill got up off the floor from his hysterical laughter, he let Aaron know there would be no check that day.  Not that we had a problem with paying what we owed, we just weren’t sure where our checkbooks were right that minute.

Getting Serious About Unloading

Bill told me to stay in the garage and direct the movers.  I’d already tagged everything, so I would have preferred to be at the other end making sure they actually put things where I wanted them to go.  I’d been through this before, but on moving day, Bill is in charge, so I did as I was told.  Suddenly the movers announced another truck was on the way to the rent house.  One of us had to go to meet it.  Bill decided I could finish the unloading and he’d take care of the other end.

The guys at my end finished up before the second load arrived and the painters decided their day was over.  The bed had been in the first load and I’d carried the linens for it in my car, so I made up the bed.  I looked around and realized I was home.

There were probably a million things I could have done just then, but instead I went out to our patio to take in the view – which had been the impetus for all this house building and moving just about a year ago.  Our outdoor furniture was in place, but I had no idea where the cushions were.  Nonetheless, I sat down and took in the view.

The second load was about to arrive.  Come back next week and find out what happened then!


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