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Dallas Consignment Stores II

"Shopping" by Moyan Brenn on
“Shopping” by Moyan Brenn on


Without further ado, I’ll plow into my list of consignment stores.  If you want to start at the beginning, click here.

Estates Etc.

This consignment store on Beltline near Coit better fit my previous perception of consignment shopping.  There were a few marvelous pieces in the store, but most of the stuff wasn’t my cup of tea and the pieces I did like weren’t what I was looking for.  We did find a decent table at a decent price, but it didn’t stack up against what we’d already found.  Worth the stop, but iffy.

B&B Furniture Consignment

Consignment lovers!  This treasure trove is right next door to B&B Resale Boutique which has clothing.  It was a little hard to find.  The address was on Coit, but the store is on the back side of a building and even from Arapaho (the cross street), you have to be looking for it to see it.  It’s worth the hunt.   They didn’t have anything I needed, but they had things I wanted.  I LOVE china and pottery.  They had complete sets of gorgeous china and pottery.  I wanted to stay and handle, but none of the furniture was promising enough to linger.  I did notice that the resale shop was hopping with business.  I’ve never bought any consignment clothing, (except my wedding dress, which is another story) but if you like consignment shopping, I’m guessing you’d like this place.

Nicole’s Estate Resale – GONE

The Consignment Store – Almost gone.  The center they’re in (Beltline at Montfort) priced them out of business.  It was kind of sad, because it was Bill’s favorite consignment store.  I sort of thought the people who ran it were a little rude, but I thought that might just be part of the consignment store allure.

Furniture by Consignment

This place is on the southeast corner of Marsh at Forest.  Like B&B, it was not immediately obvious, partly because the signage isn’t very good.  However, it’s a must-see with possibilities.  Saying it was overstocked is probably an understatement.  You could barely get through the merchandise.  The prices were good and there were some nice pieces.  If you were decorating a college apartment or a first home, this should be on your list.  The quality is good and there are some real treasures.  There’s also a lot that is just fine for getting by and the price reflects it.  I wouldn’t be embarrassed to own most of it.  It just wouldn’t be my first choice.  At my age, I should get what I want.

Area 25

Intriguing shop just west of Inwood Shopping Center.  No dining room table or chest for a vanity, but lots of stuff and most of it pretty nice.  They’re mix is a little more edgy than the North Dallas counterparts we’d visited up to that point, but we did see some mirrors and other pieces we liked.  In fact, I suspect visiting this store may become a regular habit.  Parking is a challenge, but once inside it’s a downright adventure.

Turtle Creek Consignment – It claimed to be upscale, but I guess it was too upscale, because it’s gone.


Talk about an adventure?  One expects edgy from the Oak Lawn area.  I didn’t expect scary.  Maybe if we could have parked up front it might have seemed more approachable.  The rear parking lot was fine, but then a sign suggested we enter what looked like the rear end of a restaurant.  I swear Sweeney Todd was back there washing his hands.  We timidly asked about Dulce and Sweeney cocked his head to an ominous door.  A sign directed us to “ring bell”.  We did and were suddenly transported from Sweeney Todd to a consignment store.  I think the word I’m looking for is eclectic.  That’s a good thing, but the mix didn’t seem to include anything we were interested in.  We also got the vibe that they weren’t very interested in us either.  Like maybe if we’d asked about an item they might say, “It’s not for you!”

The day was getting away from us, but we thought we’d go try one more place.  It was down in the Design District and we did have some luck there.  Come back next week and I’ll tell you about it.

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