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Senior Follies at Eisemann Center

Showgirl Sherry Snider
Showgirl Sherry Snider


A few weeks ago I took you back to the Crow Collection of Art and discussed artistic connections within their latest exhibition. Talk about connections! Life is full of them. That’s how I ended up at the Spectacular Senior Follies a few Sundays ago.

It Started with the Lot

So we were looking for a new home and ended up with a lot in Heath’s Buffalo Creek community.  Had we hesitated at all in making our offer we would have been out of luck.  Two other couples were also considering the same lot.  One of those couples is now lives next door and we virtually built our houses together. One day, during the build, I suggested we go grab a bite, but they couldn’t because they had The Senior Follies – as in she was a showgirl in the revue and he was on the board, so he’d be helping out in other ways.  Pete suggested we should try to see one of the shows that weekend, but we were overwhelmed with other things.

Then They Needed a Videographer

One evening, after our houses were built, our next door neighbors joined us for happy hour.  As we enjoyed our view of the pond, we got to talking about Pete and Sherry’s involvement in The Follies.  That led to us discussing videography at the Eisemann, since that’s where the show is presented and one of my clients, LeniCam Video Productions,  frequently records shows there.  Come to find out, Pete is the Chairman of the Senior Follies Board and he was interested in improving the quality of the videos of the show.  Did I ever have the guy for him!

The Sunday Matinee 

Somehow September is always a crazy month for me, but we did manage to attend the Sunday matinee of the 2015 Spectacular Senior Follies.  We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but we really didn’t expect a packed house.  I mean this was the last of five performances of this bunch of senior citizens.  Who besides their neighbors, family and friends were going to go?  Turns out there were a lot of people!

See, this wasn’t their maiden voyage.  It was their seventh year and in those seven years they’ve built up quite a following.  Walking up to the theater we saw buses from retirement centers all over the Metroplex.  In fact, people of all ages were flocking in from all directions.

As we entered the theater we were greeted by Pete himself, who was searching for programs.  Seems they were about to run out.  When we got to our seats I perused my program and was amazed by the talented performers involved in the show.  I immediately recognized the name of Rose Mary Rumbley, a gifted author, comedienne and my mom’s absolute favorite book reviewer.  Digging deeper I saw Jackie Troup Miller who was oftentimes a dance partner of Donald O’Conner, one of my favorite dancers on the silver screen.There was the lead singer of the Dallas Doo-Wop tribute band, members of the Dallas Symphony Chorus, ballroom dance champions, ex-Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and the list goes on.

The Beat Goes On

The curtains opened on The Sixties.  White go-go boots, mod prints, mini-skirts and bell bottomed trousers dominated the stage as the energetic seniors proved you are only as old as you feel – and these guys were feeling pretty young!  The first act was a series of tributes to stars of the sixties and seventies:  The Captain & Tenille, Sonny & Cher, Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, Bread, Johnny Cash and more.  I actually had tears in my eyes during their rendition of “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” from The Sound of Music.

After Intermission it was time for the Showgirls.  This segment is a tradition of the show and the audiences whoops and hollers as each showgirl is introduced, making her entrance down the double staircase.  The rest of the act was a vaudevillian.  There was more singing and dancing, but they also had comedy skits, military tributes and a patriotic extravaganza.  OK, so I cried again when they sang the Air Force song.  How many times did my daddy and I croon that tune together?

Do I think you should plan to attend the 2017 Spectacular Follies.  Well if you’re looking for a really good time then I certainly do.  If you’re a performing arts snob who is looking for every missed note or disharmony, you should probably stay home, because the heart of this show is ever so much more important than technicalities.  I’m on the cusp of senior citizenship and watching these guys reminded me that aging is only a state of mind.


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