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Dallas Consignment Stores

Dallas Consignment Stores
A Good One


That Was Then

My husband has always loved consignment shopping.  Over the years he’s found some consignment store jewels.  My mother, a child of the Depression, looked down on anything that wasn’t brand new.  I’m somewhere in-between.  Some of my favorite clothes have been hand-me-downs from Mom and Aunt Edie, but when it comes to home furnishings, I always thought new was better, unless you bought bonafide antiques.

This is Now

We have most of the furnishing we need to move into the new house.  I’ve warned Bill that after we move in, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame, but that ballgame may take a few decades.  One thing we do need now is  formal dining room furniture.  I went out to all the local furniture stores looking for a brand-spanking new dining room suite.  After awhile, I threw my hands in the air in a gesture of helplessness.  It didn’t matter what the price tag was, you just can’t find real furniture anymore – or at least the good furniture my mom and my aunts taught me to appreciate.

Bill suggested we try the consignment stores.  Since I couldn’t find anything at the other stores, what did I have to lose?  We went with two things to buy.  One was a cabinet to use as the vanity in a powder room and the other was something for the dining room.  I made a list of possible venues.  Here are  some you might enjoy.  I’ll list them in the order in which I visited them, which was geographical from my house in Wylie.

The Consignment Embassy*

This upscale consignment store is tucked away in a Richardson shopping center called The Shire near the intersection of Central and the George.  We’ve sold some items through them and we pass them frequently in our many trips between Wylie and Dallas.  It’s a small store, but they have gorgeous stuff.  You know the kind of place where you really want to back a truck up to the loading area to get one of everything, even if you don’t need any of them.  This place is so snazzy, you’ll have to pinch yourself as a reminder that it’s a consignment place.

The prices range from ridiculously high to ridiculously low.  They have beautiful chandeliers, but we considered the prices to be prohibitive.  At the same time, they were virtually giving away an Arabian silk rug we are still kicking ourselves for not buying – even though we had no idea where we’d use it.

We did find a dining room suite that we really liked, but it was our first place to look, so no way we were going to buy it on the spot.  I’ll go ahead and tell you that the table and chairs remained at or near the top of the list and we made several trips back to the shop in the ensuing weeks.  More about that later.

As far as the staff is concerned they range from detached to ice queen.  Ice queen was there the first day we visited.  We managed to slip in, fall in love and slip out without so much as a “how do you do.”  Perhaps that works well in the consignment business.  I didn’t like it so much.  There is another lady there some times.  She’s friendlier, but leaves you to your own reconnaissance until you indicate you need a little encouragement.  Then she’s fine.  More about that later.

Isn’t consignment shopping fun?  I’ve run out of words for the day, but I’ve still got a lot of shops to cover.  So please come back next week.  We’ll start at Estates Etc.

*I’d give you a link to their website, but it’s down, it’s been down since we started looking weeks ago and it’s still down, but the ice queen doesn’t seem very concerned about it.

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  1. I don’t regularly shop at consignment stores but I love flea markets and estate sales. I definitely think it’s worthwhile to purchase used items. I’ve discovered some amazing items, and there are some awesome deals.

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