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Update on Building

Heath TX


Last week I gave you an overview of the progress we’d made on the house. Most of the progress we’ve made has to do with things going up.  but we’ve been just as happy with some of the things which have come down.


Heath TX

Here’s a news flash!  Builders and clients have different priorities.  Here’s how our lot looked when we found it.  It was spring and things were beginning to turn green around our pond.  In our contract for the land, our developer promised the lot would be cleaned in the next two weeks.  It didn’t happen that way.

Our hope had been to figure out if there were any decent trees in the mess and based on that, which angles had the best view when the trash trees and foliage were gone.  When the trees didn’t come down, then we had to climb through the brush and try to figure it out for ourselves.  That’s when we found out the pond had a bad dose of chiggers.  That’s an asset we’d have been happy to forego.

Heath TX

After the lot had gotten it’s water treatment, they showed up to clear the land around the pond.  I envisioned a crew with chainsaws and bulldozers.  What we got were a couple of guys with axes and hand saws.  Still, the lot did get cleared and we were able to finally ascertain exactly what we’d be seeing through the windows.


As an aside, I’ve got to tell you about our oak.  Among all the trash trees an oak struggled for life.  We decided to see if it would thrive after the brush was moved away.

The oak looked pretty pitiful and once the balcony for my office was added, it also blocked the view.  You can see its shadow in the after picture.

Bill and I continued to debate whether we were actually going to keep it.  Eventually, we decided it was both too sick and too much in the way to stay.  I thought that was the end of it for now.  We’d just wait until we were tackling the landscape to get rid of the pitiful thing.

heath TX
Bill the Lumberjack

Au contrare!  The next time we went to the lot, Bill had his chainsaw with him.  It’s an electric chainsaw unworthy of even a bit part in a horror movie, but it was a chainsaw.  He’d researched cutting down trees and was ready to do battle.  Thankfully, one of the guys on the plumbing crew was a little more familiar with the process than Bill and he came out to help.  Bye bye tree.

So far, so good!  But not everything has been easy.  Next week I’ll let you in on some of the headaches and heart attacks.

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