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Catching Up with the Build

Architectural Rendering of Our Dream home
Architectural Rendering of Our Dream Home


OK, so I abandoned you way back in September. I’d found a rental house and the builders were just about to start on our dream home. Let me catch you up.  


When we built a house in Pismo Beach, California, Bill decided to be our own general contractor.  Being a smart guy, he was thrilled to delegate that job to someone else for this house.  He’s still very involved, but now he can share the headaches.

In Pismo Beach, we got to know the guys in the planning office very well and made some guest appearances at the Planning Commission Meetings.  Whittle and Johnson, the building arm of Whittle Development, took care of the permit process for us in Heath.  Part of that process was a soils test and to our dismay, that test reminded us Texas is going through a drought.  Lucky us, we needed more moisture in our lot.  Cha-ching!

Water Induction System
Water Induction System

So, we had to hire someone to come bore holes and add water.  Then someone else had to come and test the soil again.  Then you repeat the process until the lot has the right amount of moisture.  The water induction equipment was on the lot for about a week and it made a HUGE mess.  I nearly lost a sandal to the gooey result of their work.  Eventually, the permit gods were happy and work started on the foundation.


Once the lot was ready, they started digging the foundation and the plumber did whatever it is that plumbers do.  Our foundation is a post tension foundation.  Instead of just pouring a slab on top of the ground, they dig a series of trenches, leaving large columns of dirt standing.  The columns are covered in thick plastic and then bound together with cables.

2014-10-04 17.05.00
Post tension foundations

The day the concrete trucks came, was nearly my last.  I was driving to the lot and as we rounded the corner on our new street Bill started yelling.  I thought I was about to plow into one of the bazillion pick-up trucks driven by the construction workers.  He just wanted me to look at the concrete pouring equipment.

Okay, so it was pretty cool.  The great big boom up in the air, but geez, did he have to scare me so bad?

Concrete trucks on the lot next to us, pouring our foundation
Concrete trucks on the lot next to us, pouring our foundation

Once the foundation was poured, the framers went to work and that’s when it really started to feel like we were going to have a house in Heath.  Those guys were fast.  They started one day and by the next day they were framing the second story and before we knew it the roofers were showing up.

Framing Begins
Framing Begins

Roofing didn’t take very long either and while they roofed the sheathing went up giving shape to the house.  Since then things have seemed to slow down.  Things are happening, for sure, but it doesn’t look very different.  The plumbers, electricians and HVAC guys have been at it like crazy, but it’s hard to get excited about that sort of thing.  Last week they delivered the drywall.  I think we’re going to have a house.

Come back next week and I’ll tell you what was coming down as the house was going up.

The bones of the house
The bones of the house
Roof on and sheathing up
Roof on and sheathing up
The house from the other side of the pond
The house from the other side of the pond

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