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Well, Maybe Not Exactly Here

My view of Wylie from my office window.
My view of Wylie from my office window.


If you’ve been following me on Fridays you know we’ve just moved to Wylie.  It’s a part of my beloved Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, but nothing about it is very metro.  I need to get used to that if I’m going to live in the rural backwater of Heath, but for now, it’s a shock to my system.  Travel Here will stay a part of my blog, but please understand, when I say “here”, I don’t exactly mean right here, in Wylie.  I mean here in the Dallas area.

What About Wylie?

OK, so what about this place we’ve moved to?

The Good Stuff:

  • Reasonably close to my bestie’s house
  • Reasonably close to the house we’re building
  • Reasonably close to George Bush Turnpike, which will get me to everything else
  • Reasonably close to Firewheel Town Center, which is OK for shopping, restaurants and movies
  • An amazing Kroger Marketplace is close
  • A branch of Capital One, my bank, is nearby
  • Pretty much every fast food joint imaginable is around the corner and Raising Cane’s is within striking distance
  • The high school mascot is a PIRATE …how can you not love that!

The Not So Good Stuff

  • We don’t love the floor plan, the garage or the low ceilings of our rent house
  • Kroger Marketplace is NOT Market Street, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Central Market, which all used to be close to me
  • A Raising Cane’s within striking distance doesn’t compare to a Hook Line & Sinker I can walk to!
  • I’m church-homeless – AGAIN!
  • I do not have a creek/private nature preserve
  • Adding 20 minutes to the drive to work is no fun, even when you only have to go in twice a week

First Impressions

All that being said, I’m here now and the eventual result will be our wonderful new home on a pond by the 3rd hole of the Buffalo Creek Golf Course, so I’m not going to whine too loudly.  I have made some interesting observations however:

  • Folks here are real nice, if you run into them outside your neighborhood – especially at the nearby Capital One and at the Dairy Queen drive-thru.  They chatted me up like I was their long lost cousin. (Perhaps that was because I had Precious with me.)
  • They’re not so friendly if they live in your neighborhood.  I’ve gotten one tentative wave so far, but not so much as a nod or a meeting of the eyes from anyone else.
  • In West Plano most customers at Chipotle ordered chicken or veggie burrito bowls with brown rice and black beans.  At my new nearby Chipotle they order beef burritos with white rice and pinto beans.

I just keep telling myself that this is temporary.  I really live in Heath!

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