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Welcome to Ye Shire

Ye Shire
Ye Shire Tavern. 3600 Shire Blvd. #112 Richardson, Texas 75082


No, I haven’t turned into a Hobbit, but I have found a great little neighborhood restaurant you should try.

Stopping by Ye Shire Tavern

It was late on a Sunday night.  After church we’d put in a full day of rental house shopping.  We were tired and all we wanted was a decent meal.  Bill said he knew just where to go.

Where he headed was The Shire, a restaurant/retail development at the Southwest corner of the Bush Tollway and Jupiter Road.  From the tollway you see restaurants like The Silver Fox, Casa Cha Cha and another place that’s just called TEXAS.  Behind that is another row of restaurants, places like Main Street Bakery, Thai’s Thumbz Urban Kitchen and Apollonia’s Italian Kitchen.

It was after nine and pretty much everything was closed down, with just a few stragglers finishing up their meals.  Ye Shire Tavern, on the other hand, was open until ten and they welcomed us in.  The other patrons were at the bar joking around with the barmaid and nursing drinks.  One got the impressing that they were there most nights, joking around with the barmaid and nursing drinks.

More Than Adequate

Confession: We weren’t expecting much.  It was the end of a Sunday night and no one else was eating.  We figured the real cook had gone home hours ago.  Still we were hungry, so we ordered.

Since we weren’t expecting much, we were pleasantly surprised with what we got.  I had a patty melt and Bill had another sandwich.  Both were delicious and time had actually been spent on presentation.  There were garnishes on our late night meal.

What’s more, the service was great.  No wonder there were so many regular patrons at the bar, joking with the barmaid, on a Sunday night.  She was a treasure.  My husband assured me she was easy on the eyes and she had a great personality.  She took care of us like she was glad we were there, rather than acting as if we’d just shown up to cause her more work.

We’ll Be Back

The beer was cold, the service was good and the food was delicious.  I even got to pretend I was being healthy, having a salad with my patty melt instead of fries.  The place was clean, very clean, which goes a long way with me.  The prices were reasonable.

In our new digs, on the northeastern edge of Dallas, the intersection of 75 and 190 will play a more important role in our lives than it did while we lived in Far North Dallas.  We’ll be back to Ye Shire, but someone should tell them this is the 21st Century, the age of social media.  They really need a website.



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