The ABC World News with Who?

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I go away on vacation for a few days and the world falls apart. For one thing Yahoo Voices is closing down. I really enjoyed writing for them, but I’d only been doing it for a few months, so I’m going to live. More distressing was the news that Diane Sawyer would be leaving her spot on ABC World News.

Who Needs TV?

As I grew up, Walter Cronkite was always at our dinner table.  Dad kept a small portable TV in the corner and he’d watch it during dinner.  I can’t tell you how much I hated it.  This was the Sixties, so along with Walter we got the Vietnam War and Civil Rights.  Since we could only talk during the commercials, our meals had a pattern.  However, we did talk, so I had the opportunity to get my parent’s take on what was going on.

When I went away to college there were so many exciting things going on that I never took the time to watch TV.  Not that I was studying or doing anything else productive, but I was having a great time.  Over the next decade, I bounced from one living situation to another, but TV fell completely out of my schedule.

Then Came Bill

For most of my single life, I didn’t even own TV, by choice.  Then a boyfriend brought one over so he could watch it when he was at my place.  The boyfriend was ancient history by the time Bill came along and the TV was in my junk room.  After we’d been dating for a while, Bill and I would talk on the phone every night before I went to bed.  I usually called it a night about 10PM – so he’d be watching the news.  I swear you learn everything you need to know about someone before you marry them, you just don’t pay any attention.

For years I’d bring Bill coffee in the morning while he watched TV.  Finally, the TV and the coffee left the bedroom ( I don’t even remember how I pulled that off).  Coffee time is still sacred around here, but TV is not allowed.  However, that somehow transitioned into me watching the evening news.  We record it and watch it later in the evening, fast forwarding through the ads.

And Then There’s my AM Addiction

I used to spend a lot of my time in my car and I liked for it to be quiet inside.  In recent years I don’t drive as much, but on those mornings when I’d make the haul to East Dallas  (eventually it was daily) I got to listening to WBAP on FM so I could hear the traffic.  Then I’d listen to Sean Hannity as I drove home, once again, for the traffic, but also because he had some really funny people on.  Then from time to time I’d also hear Mark Levin, Ben Ferguson and some of the other conservative radio personalities.  I’d even listen to Rush Limbaugh, because it gave me something to chat with dad about.

Mom and Dad are gone, so I don’t drive to East Dallas anymore.  And WBAP went to some digital technology on FM that I don’t have in my car – so I listen to them on AM.  I’m rarely in the car and when I am, it’s just for a few minutes, but I hear enough to know that what is beamed out into TV Land every night is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  A lot of it is conjecture, politics and opinion.

For the record, I do not swallow conservative talk radio whole, any more than I do mainstream media.  What I try to do is take in opinions from both sides of the house and then arrive at my own conclusions.  I yell at the radio for being ridiculous as often as I get in trouble for talking back to Diane and the ABC correspondents.

Bill teases me about my AM addiction and accuses me of being some sort of radical conservative. I give it back to him, accusing him of slurping up the liberal agenda without even being aware of it.  Maybe that’s why we fast forward through the ads – so we won’t have to talk about it.

So Who Will We Watch 

David Muir is an OK kind of guy, but the “Brad Pitt of News” as the article from Market Watch suggests?  I don’t think so!  I prefer George Stephanopoulos and I’d much rather hear international news from Christiane Amanpour than Martha Raddatz, but Christiane is over on CNN now.  I will not be watching Brian Williams and I haven’t visited CBS since Katie Couric.  Even Bill realized Katie was much further left than he was.

So we’ll be shopping around between now and September.  We’ll check out Fox and CNN and all the rest, trying to find ourselves another Diane, but I’m actually sort of pessimistic about the chances of that.  I’m going to miss Diane.

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