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The Second Date was Better



Have you ever gotten it wrong with your first impressions? Well, that’s what happened to us at the architect’s office.

The Heinz Ketchup Syndrome – Anticipation!

Last week I mentioned we were somewhat anxious about meeting with the architect for the first time.  Well, that was an understatement.  We had so completely awful-ized the possibilities awaiting us that Bill hadn’t even been able to sleep the night before.  Bill’s anxiety spilled over onto me, making me hyper-sensitive to every twitch of his eyebrow.  That poor architect didn’t have a chance.

Add to it that the architect’s a rather quiet person trying to deal with the Lucy and Desi of the home-building set (Bill and I) and it was all over.  If our builder hadn’t pointed us in that direction, we would have been out of that office in just a few minutes – and that would have been a huge mistake.

The First Set of Plans

“You better come here.”  It was a Friday afternoon just about quitting time.  Bill was upstairs in his office and had called down to get me up there.  When Bill calls me into his office, I never know whether I’m going to get to see the latest picture of our darling grandnephew or hear the minutia of options trading.  This time it was neither one – the architect had emailed us the first set of plans.

I confess, we’d set the bar pretty low.  That first meeting had been a little rough and then there had been a mis-clicked email.  Bill was actually expecting to fire these guys and moving on.  Boy, had we gotten it wrong!

Our Dream Come True

We were like a couple finding our own features in the face of our first child.  “Oh look, Bill, there’s your courtyard.”  “And Jane, look at the size of that pantry.”  We spent the evening and most of the next day poring over the plans with great joy.

All that preparation and research wed’ done did not go to waste.  They got it all and they got it right the first time.  Have we tweaked it since then?  Sure we have! Add arches here.  Could we have a balcony here?  Shave off a little footage here.  Can that ceiling be a little higher?  But if you come to see us some day in our Heath house, you’re going to virtually walk into the architect’s original plan.

Let Me Introduce You

So now that we’ve gotten that awkward business of our first date out of the way, let me introduce you to our architects, Mershawn Architecture and Construction.  Since our second date, we’ve been in constant contact with them and have even finished the elevations.  They’re gorgeous and I’ll tell you about them soon.

But I promised I’d tell you about selling the house.  I was just so excited about the plans that I got distracted.  Head back next week and I’ll tell you our  For Sale By Owner Experience.

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