When Dallas Was My Destination

The Alamo, San Antonio TX
Family Vacation Back in the Day. I’m the one with the headscarf.


Dallas is a great place to live and there’s lots of things to do, but it used to be where my family headed for our vacations.

Texas, My Texas

About a month ago, I shared a couple of food-related stories with you, which began on a vacation, but ended up right here in Big D.  For most of my childhood there was no mystery attached to where we were going.  We would always come home and home was Texas.  It’s just that Dad’s job wasn’t in Texas.

Dad finally got transferred to Dallas and we finally got to live here. Now the funny thing about moving here was that suddenly we had the opportunity to go other places for our vacations, but wherever we went, we went by car.  Both my parents worked retail, so airline tickets weren’t an option.  Not that this felt like a restriction.  Many families thought any kind of travel was out of bounds, so the fact that we took a family vacation every year put us in the privileged category.

On the Road Again

A subject I revisit often is that modern technology is robbing us of irreplaceable experiences.  The family road trip has been transformed forever. I loved road trips.  Sure, it was fun to stay in hotels, eat meals in restaurants and see new things, but what I liked best was that  I suddenly had unlimited access to my parents. Dad didn’t go to work.  Mom didn’t send me off to school or suggest I go run some of my energy off outside.  I had both of them for days on end.

I could talk to them about anything I wanted to and they’d tell me great stories. I’ve heard people complain about how boring their parents were and maybe I’m some kind of nerd for admitting this, but I thought my parents were way cool.  They talked to me about interesting things.  On road trips we’d discuss history, politics, science, religion, geography, psychology, etc. and they didn’t talk down to me.

They talked about real things and expected me to hold up my end of the conversation.  I don’t think that’s happening on family vacations this day and time.

The Background Noise

And while we discussed the issues of the day, AM radio was playing in the background.  We didn’t have tapes, CDs or satellite radio – and forget video players or MP3’s.  Heck, we didn’t even have FM.  Radio was just radio.  Those were the good old days.

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