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Following the Star

Want a gorgeous home in Heath? Call this guy.
Want a gorgeous home in Heath? Call this guy.


The search had become serious.  It was no longer a whim.  We were going to move, but where?

The Day the Heavens Opened

This was no casual, Sunday-afternoon romp. I had the list of available lots and we attacked it with fervor. Bill photographed the advantages and disadvantages of every property. On a cul de sac of empty lots and new construction our miracle arrived: Rob Whittle, the developer of Buffalo Creek.

Checking on the progress of his project, Rob just happened along at exactly the right time. Bill walked one of the lots to see behind the foliage. I stood by our car, wondering if I should change shoes.  When Rob started the conversation, Bill and I didn’t realize we were talking to the guy who put Heath on the map. We just knew he had a bunch of lots for sale – but the guys at The Oaks had a bunch of lots too, so the jury was still out.

Rob is a great salesman and we noticed, because up to this point we’d been pretty disappointed by the quality of other salespeople. We wanted to do business with this guy even before we had any idea we could. Bill explained our real estate conundrum. Then Rob quoted a very different number for construction costs than we’d been working with. The heavens opened up and the angels began to sing.

Still the lots we’d seen so far weren’t exactly what Bill thought he wanted. Rob jumped in his pickup and said, “Follow me,” and like the magi guided by the star to Bethlehem, we found our way with a little nudge from the divine.

Too This, Too That, Just Right

Rob took us to Falcons View Pass, but the first lot’s view was limited.  We walked across the street and that was better, but Rob knew he hadn’t nailed it yet.  The next lot he showed us wasn’t listed anywhere.  It didn’t have a sign on it, either.  That’s because it wasn’t for sale.  Rob planned to build a spec home on the lot and already had the plans drawn.  In fact, the plans were going to the engineers for the foundation to be approved – first thing the next morning – but they never made it.  Though it took several days to solidify our decision and get it into a contract, the bottom line is we bought the lot.

The Perfect Porridge 

Remember our original criteria:  some kind of remarkable view out back, a strong HOA, less traffic and a home to match our “working out of the house” lifestyle.  Seventeen Falcon’s View Pass surpassed each and every one of those.  Bill wanted a golf course view and I preferred water.  We got both.  Not just the view of the home across a fairway, but slap dab on the third hole and the cart path is on the other side.  And not just a peek of water hazard, but a huge pond out our back door and we own a third of it.

The HOA at Buffalo Creek is mandatory and it’s serious about keeping the community gorgeous.  They get in your business and we’re glad they do.  There’s a few intersections over in Rockwall that occasionally have traffic, but we live in Heath.  Granted, I’ll have to go to Rockwall even if all I want is a loaf of bread, but Rockwall traffic is nothing compared to Preston Road’s constant barrage of vehicles.  And a house to fit our lifestyle?  I’ll have to get back with you on that one – we’re still designing it.

Come back next week and I’ll tell you how we’re doing.

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