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The God Factor


Some people like to pat themselves on the back and say they’re just clever. Others talk about coincidences or chance. I figured out a long time ago, it’s God!

Clear Signals All the Way

God tapped me on the shoulder and told me to have a chat with Bill.  Then He helped me keep my mouth shut to entertain Bill’s notions about moving.  Heading north on 75, Bill and I both felt a gentle, but divine, shove and turned the car in another direction.  A previous contract kept us from considering a house that didn’t really fit our criteria.  Then we stalled. Perhaps like Abraham heading to Egypt, we hadn’t prayed before we drove through Firewheel.  Whatever the case, we were in a quandary.

As we drove to meet the real estate agent, Bill and I kept up a happy chatter.  We were almost getting what we wanted.  How many people are that lucky?  We sat down to sign the agent’s papers and write a check – but we couldn’t.  We had a question about the contract, so the agent just shelved it.  He didn’t get our signatures on an amended contract to see if it would be accepted.  He didn’t get a check from us to hold the lot.  His attitude informed us there wasn’t much demand for the lots.  Then he kept talking  and the more he said, the more we realized we were making a mistake.

A Quick Trip Through Heath

During the two weeks we struggled with settling for The Oaks on Firewheel, Bill and I made one more pass at Heath.  In my online research, I realized that as we drove around gawking at million dollar homes on the lake, we’d somehow missed the golf course community in the center of the town.  So after a day of stomping around The Oaks comparing the available lots, we drove over to take another look at Heath.  Bill found exactly what he was looking for, except that we couldn’t afford it.  Buffalo Creek was exactly the community Bill wanted to call home.  We couldn’t afford any of the houses we liked and when we added the cost of construction to the available lots, we couldn’t afford to build.  That’s what finally made us accept The Oaks as an acceptable compromise.

Then The Oaks agent dropped the ball.  Driving away from the meeting, Bill said, “We’ve got to take another look at the lots in Heath.”

Our Mid-Course Adjustment

Though the idea of moving had been tentative in our minds just a few weeks ago, it had become firmly set.  We had hoped our excellent location in the heart of Far North Dallas could be leveraged into a newer house on a golf course, if the area was further from prime Dallas real estate.  We also hoped we wouldn’t have to add much cash to the kitty.  All we’d seen confirmed that we wanted to move and after careful consideration, Bill decided that getting the quality of life he wanted was worth the investment of more capital.  With fear and trepidation we headed back to Heath.

Come back next week and see where that led us.



3 thoughts on “The God Factor”

  1. I am enjoying your posts. My daughter and her family love Heath. I have three grandchildren who graduated from Heath High School. If you are looking for a top notch professional Realtor, one of the top ones featured in D Magazine, email me for the name. I know two. Neither would ever drop the ball. Charlotte


    1. Thanks Charlotte, but I spent several years as a residential real estate agent myself and one of my best friends is a top agent with Ebby Halliday, so I’m covered.


  2. This series of posts brings back memories of the many houses we looked at before making a purchase. We’ve been very happy with the house we bought–but I know that a couple agents felt like we were indecisive.


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