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Why Not Cedar Hill?


Cedar Hill with its hilly Austin-ish feel looked like it might be something we were interested in.  We were almost giddy as we turned onto Lake Ridge Parkway.  Bill thought his famous luck had once again transported him to exactly where he needed to be and with little-to-no effort.

Grand Homes Are Really Grand

Though it was already late in the day, we found an agent in the gated community of Fountains of Lake Ridge.  The model was lovely, if overly large, but a spec home across the pond captured Bill’s imagination.  He loved the view of the fountain, right outside the back door.  It reminded him of a home on a golf course we’d visited once, in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  However, all I could see was the barn and farm equipment out the front door.

Escaping the real estate agent, we took advantage of the brand new Daylight Saving Time and drove around the area street by street.  At first gorgeous terrain and beautiful homes glazed our vision, but eventually, questions began to bubble up.  Questions like, “Why are these beautiful mansions completely devoid of landscaping?”  Then we noticed most of the cars parked in front of these large estates were beaters.  If people could afford to live in a palace, why wouldn’t they plant a few bushes … and why would they drive an old car held together with Bondo.  We marked the area on our map and vowed to get some answers.

The Answer Finds Us

A few days later we had a meeting with an agent about one of our rentals.  Once the business was out of the way, we asked a few questions about the Joe Pool Lake area and got an earful.  Some day there may be a renaissance out there, but we probably won’t live long enough to benefit from it.

We did make one other foray into South Dallas.  During my research of Cedar Hill, I read about another, so-called hidden gem, south of Dallas – Coronado Forest in Grand Prairie, because it was a gated community which backed up to a golf course.  This neighborhood had a lot more going for it in landscaping and transportation, but the few lots left didn’t have the WOW backyard we were looking for.

While we were on the west side of Dallas, we checked out Viridian in Arlington.  Do they have beautiful homes?  Absolutely!  Do they have any that will have gorgeous views out the back door?  No.  Back to the drawing board.

Still curious about what was drawing folks to the southern side of Dallas, we decided to have a meal in the much touted Bishop Arts District.  That did it for Bill.  There was certainly a vibe there, but it didn’t feel like our vibe.  Our interest in areas south and west of Dallas waned.


We’d just scratched the surface, but were already figuring out, that in spite of how many houses were available in DFW, when you were looking for something with a view behind it, the choices became very limited.  Things got better when we turned our attention to the east side of Dallas.  I’ll tell you about that next week.

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