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But Why Heath?

When in doubt, eat pancakes!
When in doubt, eat pancakes!


OK – so fine, you think. Heath qualifies as a part of the Metroplex, but why would Jane build a house out there?  Well, it happened like this.

The Change to Daylight Savings Time

It all started on my exercise bike.  A lot of things start there, because it’s my prayer closet.  If I’m going to be stuck in one place for an hour, I might as well take advantage of it.  On other days I do my Bible Study while I’m getting my aerobic workout, but on Sunday mornings I sort of have a free-flowing conversation with God.  On that particular morning He and I were talking about my husband.  I’d sensed a sort of resignation to the norm in Bill and in an extraordinary guy like him, that’s not good.  God agreed with me or maybe He’s the one who pointed it out.  I’m never sure about that sort of thing.  I just know when I’m on the right track.

I put together a few notes and brought up my concerns during our morning coffee ritual – the one where Bill drinks coffee and I don’t.  I’d been on target with my concerns, but Bill had a different idea about how to improve things.  He thought it was time to move.  Even though a part of me shot straight up in the air and screamed, “Are you kidding?  This is my feet-first house.  Go wherever you want, but I’m not leaving,” the rest of me managed to calmly ask why Bill felt that way.

Twenty years of marriage helps you over the rough spots.  For one thing, I’ve learned that we don’t follow through on all the crazy ideas Bill has, so it doesn’t hurt to to humor him.  For another, some of his crazy ideas turn out to be the best ones.  I just grab the tiger by the tail and hang on for dear life.

When in Doubt – EAT! 

Our tete a tete  ending up being a little longer than our usual coffee time, so we didn’t make it to Sunday School…Life Group (I’m still not over the name change). Deciding to grab some breakfast while we nailed down our priorities, we handed ourselves over to The Original Pancake House.  I took along a journal to make notes.  We could agree on most of the criteria for our new place (if we were actually going to get one) – some kind of remarkable view out back, a strong HOA, less traffic and a home to match our “working out of the house” lifestlye – but the one thing we couldn’t decide on was where.  Favorite places like Sedona and Austin were considered, but we tabled out-of-DFW solutions until we’d exhausted all the metroplex possibilities.

Will It Go Round in ‘Circles?

After entirely too much food, we bought a paper and headed north on 75, thinking we’d check out all the building going on in places like Prosper.  About the time we reached Allen we realized we were heading in the wrong direction.  We didn’t want to replace our Preston-Road-commute-to-everything with an even longer Central-Expressway-commute.  We turned left and visited a new development in Little Elm.  Gorgeous homes, but the landscape was too flat.  We drove on to I-35 and headed south.  Bill had some vague sense of a renaissance in South Dallas, but we ended up in Cedar Hill.

But Jane!!!!  Cedar Hill is on the opposite end of Dallas.  How did you get to Heath? I’m getting to that.  Come back next week.

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