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After Blooms in the Garden



During early Spring, the Dallas Arboretum is full-to-overflowing with with people flocking in to see Blooms. Then things settle down, but the garden is still there. Membership can extend your fun and keep you coming back for more.

More Than Just a Spring Fling

A few months back, on a pleasant February day, a friend flew in from California and I took her to the Arboretum for lunch.  Yes, in February!  Were the blossoms as spectacular as they are in April?  Well, no, but that didn’t make the garden any less lovely.  When the flowers are a little less overpowering, other areas are easier to appreciate.

We strolled through everything except the children’s garden, had lunch in the tearoom and took a tour of the Degolyer house.  Never once did I have to say, “Too bad you missed Blooms, ” because my friend, in from Lompoc, famous for it’s flowering fields, was dumbstruck by how pretty everything was.  As a member, parking my car was free, admission was free and lunch was discounted, as were our gift shop purchases.

I love the gardens year round.  I’m always interested in which part is having a make-over and am eager to see the finished product.  During scalding Dallas summer days, the fern dell is a haven.  I love the Cool Thursday concert festivals.  My husband and I will drop by for a stroll, even when we only have a little bit of time to spare.  Autumn at the Arboretum is as exciting as Blooms.  Even the holidays are special at the gardens.

The Arboretum Loves Its Members

There’s more to my Arboretum membership than free and discounted stuff.  There’s a newsletter that keeps me up to date on what’s happening and sometimes very special invitations arrive.  That happened a few weeks ago.  Artscape was that weekend – one of those times when the Arboretum fills up to capacity – but as a member, I was invited for a sneak peek.  All the artist’s were set up and ready to share their goodies that Friday evening, but the bazillion non-members couldn’t get in.  What a treat!

Every Little Bit Helps

When I dream of being wealthy, I dream of bestowing gallons and gallons of money on the organizations I love best.  Some of those organizations would feed hungry people and others would fill spiritual needs, but the Dallas Arboretum would certainly get a bucket or two of cash.  I’m sure the Arboretum would love for me to strike it rich and might even name a garden for me if I suddenly had multiple millions, but I know that every little bit counts.  Until I become a multiple bazillionaire, DABS is grateful for my membership and constant patronage.  For less than a c-note ($82), you can join the museum and get in free all year. Since admission is $15 each and parking is $10, imagine how quickly you’ll be on the better side of that deal.

Spread the Membership Love Around

Once you figure out how wonderful membership is for you and the arboretum, you might start looking around for other organizations to support.  I’m also a member of the Dallas Museum of Art, for all the same reasons.

8 thoughts on “After Blooms in the Garden”

    1. Sheri – I am a big fan of gardens, but I check museums first. I enjoy the new stuff, but I actually like returning to favorite items. Whenever I go to the LBJ Library, I hope that my favorite sword and the moon rock are on display.


      1. Yep, I sort of figured you would tell me you always had to revisit the museums. I find such peace in gardens, they feed my soul. If you haven’t visited President Lincoln’s museum in Springfield, IL, please put it on your list. It’s definitely a museum visiting time and time again. Having lived in DC for that 5 years, it gave Tom and I the luxury of time to visit every museum we wanted. That was truly the best part of living in DC along with getting the first run Broadway shows with the original cast. Travel on – on days when Tom is well enough, I’ve started little day trips for us that we can do on the spur of the moment.


  1. When I lived near Dallas, I too enjoyed the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens at different seasons. Wherever I go, I always check out their gardens! We have some beautiful ones here in Ohio also.


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