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I’m Going Rural

Soon-To-Be Home-Sweet-Home
Soon-To-Be Home-Sweet-Home


Heath is a gorgeous bedroom community south of Rockwall, which is east of Rowlett, which is east of Dallas, but until a few weeks ago I’d never been there.  So why am I about to start calling it home – especially when I’m such a Dallas girl?

I Love Dallas

I’ve been so attached to Dallas, because as a child I was a vagabond.  My dad’s job took us to six different cities in three states during the first eleven years of my life. Finally, we moved to Dallas and stayed.  I attended Martha Turner Reilly Elementary, Robert T. Hill Jr. High and Bryan Adams Sr. High.  Sure I went away to college for a few years in Nacogdoches and spent six months in Little Rock for a job, but Dallas was home.

Even during the years I lived in the suburbs of Garland and Plano, I claimed to be a Dallasite. Then Bill and I lived on the Central Coast of California for six years, and though there were things I really liked about it, all I could think of was getting back to Dallas.  It was home to me.

Bill and I returned to Texas and bought a home in Dallas.  I saw to it that we bought the most Dallas of homes we could manage.  We live right off Preston Road in a little pocket called Far North Dallas.  That means it’s about ten minutes to pretty much anything I want – except Downtown and NorthPark, and I can get there pretty quick, too.  So why would I give it up?

Well, to begin with, I’m not giving up much.  My drive time to the Dallas Museum of Art from my home in Heath will only be four minutes longer than my current drive.  The Arboretum will be exactly the same drive time.  NorthPark will be the stretch.  It will take ten more minutes to get there (which may have been part of Bill’s plan).  So even though I’m going rural, I’m still within close proximity to my favorite Dallas things.

My Dallas View
My Dallas View

But I’m Leaving Anyway

I love my current home.  Perhaps you know that I look out onto a creek where everything from blue jays to a bobcat frequent my back lawn.  Well, when it comes to view, I could say, I’ll see your creek with a pond and raise you the third hole of Buffalo Creek Golf Course.  I’m already making friends with the turtles on my new pond.

As happy as I am with where I live, I married a guy with wings on his ankles.  When I met him he had a home on a golf course in a Dallas suburb. I thought I was set for life.  We’ve had five houses in five cities and two different states since then.

When I moved into our current home, I told him it was my feet first house – you know the one where they take you out feet first.  That was five years ago.  When he broached the possibility of making a move, I was surprised to discover I wasn’t completely opposed to it.  Maybe after eleven years as a vagabond and twenty-years with the ankle-winged guy, I’m not as sedentary as I thought.

That’s the past.  Heath is the future and in the weeks to come, I’ll share the adventures of building our new house, moving to the country and discovering what life’s like in Heath.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


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