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Local Universities – a Wealth of Entertainment

Support your local universities!
Support your local universities!


In an area like the DFW Metroplex, with so many voices calling for our attention, it’s easy to forget our schools offer many entertainment opportunities. What’s more, tickets for their productions cost only a fraction of what the pros want us to pay.

Play Ball!

Sports are an obvious example.  The worst seat at a college game will put you a lot closer to the action than the nosebleed section of any pro arena, yet you’re going to pay a lot less.  In some cities, that might mean tickets to a Podunkville game, but here that means top ranked teams like SMU and TCU – and the sports range from men’s football to women’s volleyball and everything in between.

But sports are just the beginning.  What’s your interest?  I assure you, at least one school in town is devoted to producing graduates in that area of study.  You like Jazz?  Check out UNT.  Chess?  See UTD. And that’s just a couple of examples.

Intellectual Property

Many of our schools have significant collections, exhibitions, libraries and museums.  Ever heard of the Meadows Museum?  It’s a spectacular museum of Spanish Art, right on the SMU campus.  Remember the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition a few years ago?  Southwest Seminary in Fort Worth was the host.  Did you know TCU had the Monnig Meterorite Gallery on it’s campus?  I didn’t either, until I googled TCU and poked around a little.

Would you like to learn more about anything, but don’t want to sign up for classes.  Then how about attending lectures from time to time.  I know SMU has an amazing lecture series, just from hearing advertisements of very famous people who will speak.  More interested in spiritual subjects, then check out Dallas Theological Seminary.  Lecture series are an integral part of most universities.

Singing, Dancing and Such

Any school with a fine arts department will have frequent exhibitions of the students’ creations.  I’m a graduate of UTD and if you click here, you can sign up for the Arts and Humanities mailing list to be notified of the exhibitions, poetry readings, concerts and more.   With a little clicking around, you could find the same thing at pretty much any university.

My husband and I enjoy these opportunities – when we remember to utilize them.  Thankfully, both UD and UTD, our alma maters, do a great job of reminding us to come see them.


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