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Did you say brunch at IKEA?

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Back in my dating days, there was an admirer who would frequently invite me to Saturday morning brunch. The first few times he did, I was actually flattered.  Then I figured out that, for him, brunch translated into breakfast at Denny’s.  I was not quite so impressed after that.

After I’d figured out the drill, he’d call up and invite me to brunch and I’d ask, “Do you mean breakfast at Denny’s?” I really didn’t mind joining him for a meal at Denny’s, I just didn’t want to feed his pretense.  I’d been to brunch before and Denny’s didn’t have it.  With this almost weekly wrangle about brunch, I’m surprised that we dated for as long as we did.

History Sort of Repeats Itself

Fast forward several decades. It’s Sunday morning and my husband heads north out of the church parking lot. I’m immediately reminded of brunch at Denny’s, because I’m about to be taken to brunch at IKEA.  Isn’t it funny how history keeps repeating itself?

Now we’re big fans of IKEA.  Both of our offices have IKEA shelves along the walls and if you know your IKEA, then you’ll recognize it in other places, too.  When Bill’s shopping for something house-related, you can bet IKEA is on the list. We may not always buy there, but we we’ll be looking.

A large portion of IKEA’s second floor is given over to a cafe.  Once during a shopping trip, Bill went to check it out.  Then suddenly, I found myself going to IKEA every Sunday after we left church and every time I think of brunch at Denny’s.

A Dining Bargain

In case you hadn’t noticed men are different than women.  A huge part of the reason I choose any dining venue is atmosphere.  If it doesn’t have that, I’d really just as soon drive-thru. Bill’s a lot more interested in value and menu.  The IKEA Cafe has what he wants.

If value is the most important thing you consider when deciding where to eat, then you should just give it up and eat all of your meals at IKEA.  I can’t remember anywhere that serves such a cost-effective meal. I seriously doubt you could cook at home for less.  A few weeks ago we shared a $1.99 breakfast – scrambled eggs, several slices of bacon, potatoes and french toast sticks with maple syrup.  Yes – I said $1.99 and if you belong to the IKEA frequent flyer program you even get free coffee.

But we don’t usually get breakfast.  They usually have a smoked salmon dish with a fresh vegetable salsa that Bill loves.  I don’t dig salmon or breakfast or much of anything that IKEA serves, but he loves the salmon so much that I just go along to provide company.

OK, so fine.  I have been known to get one of their ginormous cinnamon rolls.  They’re not exactly Cinnabon and I have no business at all eating them, but if I don’t get a little something, then hunger is going to kick in before the next time Bill is ready to eat and our day together is ruined before it even gets started.

Should you go to IKEA for brunch, lunch or any other meal.  As I’ve said, it’s a real bargain and if you’re already there to shop, then sure grab a quick meal, but were it not for my handsome husband, I doubt the IKEA Cafe would see much of me.

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