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An Outing to Outback Steakhouse

Bill's Two Best Girls In The Outback
Bill’s Two Best Girls In The Outback


My bestie is an attorney. On occasion she’ll offer up a little pro bono legal advise and we’re grateful for it.  More often than not, hubby uses our gratitude as an excuse to take his two favorite girls to dinner, but the last time we picked her legal brain for a few nuggets she was reluctant to fall off her most recent diet.

When Meat is on the Menu

Deb and I are heavily into diets.  We both adore food, so we’re often involved in the battle against the bulge.  We’ve been known to encourage splurges, but we’re just as ready to support one another in healthy habits, too.  On this particular diet, she was only allowed to have meat on that particular day, so I suggested an old favorite, The Outback.

Here’s the best thing about The Outback: consistency.  You’re going to get good food.  Yep, it’s a chain.  Yep, they’re going to Aussie you about a bit. Yep, the decor is the same as every other Outback.  But you’re going to eat good.

Since this was a diet-inspired visit, no alcohol was consumed by these two dieters.  Mr. Bill had a beer, a light one to be sure, but he still had one.  Nor did we indulge in a Blooming Onion, which is a blooming shame, because they’re delish.  We also refused the offer of hot bread.  We had meat.

Deb enjoyed a salad, a steak and some seasonal vegetables.  I had the same seasonal vegetables and they were easily the highlight of the meal.  I mean I could have eaten an entire plate of them and been perfectly satisfied.  Speaking of perfectly satisfied, Mr. I’m-Not-On-A-Diet was perfectly satisfied with his stack of ribs.  I had to kick him under the table when he suggested dessert.  Really, men just don’t get the concept of supporting your friend’s diet.

I did go for a little splurge, but a healthy one.  I got the teeniest tiniest steak on the menu and added crab legs for some minuscule price.  The reason my splurge was a healthy one was because I love the flavor of crab legs without any drawn butter.  Try it sometime!  And I shared my legs with my mates, saving myself from calorie overload.

We had great service, good food and a lot of fun.  What more do you want when you go out to eat?  So yes, next time you’re hungry for a bit of meat, head on over to The Outback near you.

And now for a bit of fun.  When we pulled into the parking lot, Deb said appreciatively, “Look at the shoes on that woman.”  Now the woman I saw was a little grandmother-type on the Outback’s porch.  Grandmother had on some crepe-soled oxfords, so I thought Deb might have lost her mind.  After a few confusing exchanges we established that I had missed THE SHOES and the woman wearing them completely.  Apparently, she had on more shoes than she did clothes.  Our visit to Outback was sort of between meals on a Sunday afternoon and I noticed that neither Grandmother or THE SHOES ever came into the restaurant.  I wondered about that for a moment and then thought, BINGO – Grandma was a pimp!  Ya gotta love Dallas.

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