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I Picked Pei Wei


You know the drill. A zillion things to do in a day and then you have to be somewhere for something in the evening. That usually means I drive through and pick up a burger, but for once I changed the routine. I picked Pei Wei.

Stepping Out of My Fast Food Rut

OK, so this is no secret scoop.  You probably pass by one of these every day – but when was the last time you actually stopped?  See that’s what I thought.  We’re a burger nation. We also get in ruts.

I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier and two all beef patties et al just wasn’t going to cut it. Pei Wei is close and it was on the way.  I had no excuses.

I’m usually in the vicinity of Pei Wei at lunchtime and I see droves of people coming and going, but the pace was quieter on this particular evening.  As soon as I stepped in, I realized that I was pretty much the only “dine-in” customer.  Everyone else was doing take out. (Note to self: Quick quiet sit-down meal.)

Since this isn’t one of my usual stops, I had to take time to read the menu.  There are soups, appetizers, lettuce wraps and noodles, but I just wanted a meal.  Pei Wei gives you about a dozen preparation styles to choose from and then you get to decide whether you want beef, chicken, shrimp or meatless. The preparation choices either have a leaf or a pepper next to them.  The leaf is vegetarian and the pepper means hot.

I love all things hot and Kung Pao is one of my favorite Asian dishes, so I had no trouble making a choice.  I barely had time to get my drink and find a table before they showed up with my food.  That’s when I got very happy about my decision to stop by.

Attractively arrayed on a black platter was a colorful array of veggies and meats, snuggled close to a mound of white sticky rice.  (You can get brown rice.)  And HOT!  They’ve got spicy down to a science.  I enjoyed my Kung Pao with chopsticks and then ate a few bites of rice.  I was trying to be healthy after all.  Back by the drinks they do offer free fortune cookies, but I forgot to get one.  Now I’ll never know what was supposed to happen to me.

I enjoyed my Pei Wei stop and plan to have more of these healthier fast food stops.  I was in and out in practically no time and the food was really good.  Pei Wei costs a little more than Mickey D’s, but I’m worth it.  Aren’t you?

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