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Chris Harrison Reflects on Romance and Travel

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Here’s how out of it I am. I didn’t know who Chris Harrison was. His face looked familiar, but I didn’t know why. When I read that he was the host of The Bachelor/Bachelorette, I contemplated not hearing him. The few times I’ve channel-surfed past the show I wanted to either throw something at the TV or throw up or both.

The Bachelor Host Talks Travel

I was pleasantly surprised when he kicked off his talk with sagacity. The question he’s most often asked is what’s been his favorite destination.  He pointed out that each of us has to find our own way to travel.  What works for Chris Harrison is not one size fits all.  In fact, when he told us what worked for him, I knew I’d be better off not traveling with him.  Not that what he prefers is bad, it’s just not my way.

He plans zilch and likes to wander aimlessly out of his hotel room to discover what might happen.  That always sounds so romantic, but for me always ends up so disastrously.  To begin with, I’d lose all the fun of planning.  Researching my destination is almost as much fun as going there.  I know that sounds weird, but as Chris pointed out, different strokes for different folks.  Then, if I showed up unprepared it would be the day the entire city closed down for something or it would be pouring down rain and I’d be stuck in the hotel room.  Worst of all, I’d get home only to discover that I’d been in the same town as some amazingly wonderful sight and didn’t get around to seeing it, which would break my heart.

Favorite Places

So given that we’re all different by design, what are Chris’s favorite places of those he’s visited with the show?  Bora Bora is at the top of his list, but he warns that there is absolutely nothing to do in Bora Bora and that’s the whole point.  Next on his list of “get naked and do nothing” places is Sugar Beach on St. Lucia.

If you actually want something to do, he recommends Prague.  He says it’s a wonderful old city with lots of young people.  By day it’s an ancient city, but by night…PARTY!  And the list goes on:  Istanbul, Iceland, Panama, Munich. In Chaing Mai he recommends Muay Thai Boxing, which is sort of like Broadway’s version of Bruce Lee.

What’s Up at The Bachelor

Then the audience began to move to the edges of their seats, because he started sharing snippets of the upcoming season with Juan Pablo.  They’ll be in Asia for much of the show and Chris has fallen in love with the Intercontinental in DeNang.  That’s in Viet Nam, in case you didn’t know.  He’s crazy about the beaches and the golf.  Viet Nam is no longer a war zone.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette began as a low budget reality show in LA and out of desperation for some variety they went to Aruba. Almost overnight Aruba became the go-to spot for romantic travel.  As soon as that happened every destination in the world started knocking on The Bachelor/Bachelorette door.  Now the show’s producer pretty much gets to write his own ticket, anywhere he wants to go.  Chris’s warning?  Don’t think you can duplicate what happens on the show.  In order to score a spot in a season, the destinations really have to pull out all the stops, so you and I wouldn’t get the same sort of access.  We’ll have fun and it might be romantic, but we won’t be transported to Fantasy Island.

Come to find out, Chris is a Dallas boy.  Grew up in Lake Highlands.  And his true favorite travel destination?  Austin.  You can take the boy out of Texas, but not the Texas out of the boy.

4 thoughts on “Chris Harrison Reflects on Romance and Travel”

  1. Isn’t is interesting how we all have a different mindset of what we’re comfortable with when travelling. I want the basic information and Tom doesn’t really want much information at all. I think the artist in him preferrs to happen onto something. Of course he had lots of time to explore during the years I travelled so much for work and he’d tag along and do this and that.


    1. I enjoy knowing all I can about the places I’m going to. One of my favorite travel memories was being in Salisbury Cathedral and discovering I had an audience of more than my traveling companion. When I went to Egypt, I knew a lot more about it’s history than my niece who lived there and was supposed to be our tour guide and my husband who grew up there.


  2. I do like Chris H., but I watch that silly Bachelor too. Knew he was from Dallas, and divorced recently from cute family. Used to be sports announcer there. Liked his suggestions! Sal


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