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Perfectly Pappasito’s


October is the perfect month to live in Dallas, Texas. The weather is amazing and there are so many things to enjoy. Things like a margarita on the patio at Pappasito’s!

Meeting Halfway

Living in Far North Dallas with so many restaurants just around the corner, I have a tendency to stay in my ‘hood.  However, a good friend who lives in Southlake suggested lunch, so I needed something a little more geographically friendly to the Mid-Cities.  Since she has a tendency to eat a whole lot healthier than I do, I gave her the choice of either Pappadeaux or Pappasitos, but when she threw the choice back to me, you know I went for Tex-Mex.

I used to work on the west side of Dallas back when Composite Drive was known as Restaurant Row.  The whole area was rife with great places to eat lunch and party after work.  The general area is a lot seedier than it was back in the day, but that little triangle between I-35 and Loop 12 still has some great places.

You’ve Been Here How Long?

I was forced to recall the good old days when I walked into the restaurant and saw balloons tied to chairs throughout the dining room.  When I commented on them, the hostess told me they were having their 30th anniversary.  My mind rebelled.  I remembered when they developed the area.  Wasn’t that like last week or something?  That couldn’t have been thirty years ago…or could it?  (Let’s see, I’ve been married to Bill for almost twenty years and when I met him, I’d already left AIS for a year or so.  And I’d put in at least ten years there, so I guess it could have been thirty years ago.)

OK, so I’ve been going to Pappsito’s since it opened and those thirty years have been good ones.  As I glanced around, I realized that not much had changed in those years.  The funky border town decor was just as funky as it had been the first time I visited the restaurant.  I do believe the dining room has a lot more light than back in the day and I think they reconfigured the bar area and maybe added that TV room. But all in all, it’s the same place I visited when my skin was tighter and I was thinner.  Oh how I wish for that body of thirty years ago!

But I don’t have to wish for the food of thirty years ago or the margaritas.  It was such a gorgeous day we opted for the patio.  Then we ordered up margaritas and the table-side guacamole.  How do you spell “bliss”?

Patio Time

Catching up with my friend, behind what you read on facebook, was a pleasure.  She’s one of the good ones.  Eventually, we turned in a food order.  We both selected flautas from the lunch menu and they were delicious.Way more food than I could eat – considering the guacamole and chips I’d been devouring – so I stuck to the flautas themselves and let the kitchen have everything else back when I was through.

I’ve been through some tough days in the previous months, guiding my mom through her last days, but I’ve chosen to make that visit to the Pappasito’s my line of demarcation.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Things are going to get better – but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up an old favorite like Pappasito’s or the joys of old friends.

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