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Entertaining My APP-etite

Going mobile with Entertainment
Going mobile with Entertainment


Just when I thought I’d had all the APP-y fun I could have, I opened up my new edition of the Entertainment coupon book and found out the fun had only begun.  See I’ve been a faithful Entertainment coupon-er for a long time.  I’m on their automatic renewal list and the book shows up every year without me having to do anything.  It gets here weeks before it’s effective date, giving me plenty of time to mull over the offerings and get my coupons all organized for the coming year.

Entertainment Goes Mobile

The latest edition had been sitting on my desk for a few weeks, so imagine my joy when I ripped off the mailing label and plastic covering to discover Entertainment had gone mobile.  They’ve had an online presence for several years.  then for a couple they sported a key fob feature, but since I couldn’t remember all the places I was supposed to be using my key fob, it wasn’t getting much action.  My Entertainment Book looks pretty much the same as it always has – lots of dining, activities, shopping and travel deals for me to clip and save on – but going mobile has taken things to a whole new level.

See, there was this reoccurring scenario in our lives.   We’d be out and about when Bill would turn to me and say, “Let’s grab a bite.  Where should we go?”  I’d invariably be stuck.  I’m pretty good at knowing where I am and in a lot of places around town I’d have a multiple choice answer.  However, I wouldn’t necessarily know what I might have a coupon for and in some areas I’m just not encyclopedic.  So, I’d fumble around for my portable coupon file or I’d realize I’d left home without it – again!

So now, when Bill says, “Let’s grab a bite.  Where should we go?”, I’ll say, “Let me check my Entertainment app.”  How cool is that?  On the app, you can search the locale by category, be it shopping, eating or going to the movie. Then all these little crowns come up to show you where you can save.  I felt very empowered when I test drove it.

Still a Coupon Clipper

I’ll still clip the coupons I am most likely to use and file them as I always have, but now I’m not out of luck if I leave the file at home.  As an added bonus, Entertainment is getting new deals all the time that aren’t in the book.  I did get emails about them, but you know how that is.  About half the time you don’t even look at the stuff and the rest of the time it goes in one eyeball and out the other.

Now, if I could just get Shopkick, Entertainment and FidMe to talk to each other.  I could walk into a store, get my kicks, use an Entertainment coupon for my purchase and show my FidMe loyalty card – all from my smartphone.  Now how much fun would that be?  I’d really be digital then!

(BTW- I now have thousands and thousands of Shopkicks points.  Aren’t you at least curious about how you could get some and start earning points for stuff like walking into Target or scanning a few products in Walmart?)

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