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The 2013 Dallas Travel & Adventure Show

Banat Misr Belly Dancers
Banat Misr Belly Dancers


Going solo to the Travel and Adventure Show gave it a different flavor.  In the past I’d gone with my husband or my bestie, but when travel is the subject at hand, I don’t need a wing man.

Flying Solo

I arrived as the doors opened and set right to visiting booths.  At the first few I tested out an app they were promoting which allowed you to scan a box code at each booth, but that didn’t last very long.  There was no real benefit to me that I could figure out and it was a real hassle.  I could just envision laying down my smartphone and never seeing it again, not to mention the juice I was sucking out of it.  Besides, I was there to get brochures and I didn’t have much time. The forty-five minutes between the opening of the show and the first presenter disappeared much more quickly than you can imagine.

I dragged my armload of brochures to the Travel and Adventure Theatre (their spelling, not mine) and tried to condense my burden while the radio personality introduced the first celebrity, Patricia Schultz, author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die.  I’ll share the gist of all the presentations in the coming weeks.

When she was through, I realized I didn’t want to tote all my tote bags and brochures around, so I whipped down to my car and dropped off a load.  I saved out one of the larger bags and hurried back to the show to gather up more brochures before the next speaker, Chris Harrison of The Bachelor.  I enjoyed his talk, but the Q& A session was all about the TV show, not travel. So I grabbed a bite to eat and hit a few more booths requiring yet another trip to the car.

Next up was Pauline Frommer of the Frommer guides.  She’s always a fount of knowledge and I took copious notes.  After her talk I hightailed it over to the Global Beats Stage.  I might not have needed a wingman, but I could have used a clone.  As much as I enjoyed visiting the booths and listening to the celebrities, I knew I was missing some great entertainment.  The first performers of the day were from Japan and it would have been easy to plop down in a chair and enjoy their performance.  The costumes alone would have been worth the time invested.  Who knows, next year I may go both days!

The Anita N. Martinez Ballet Folklorico were stomping out a Latin beat when I arrived.  I’m a huge fan of folklorico in general and of this troupe in particular.  Just one more reason I love my city.  Next up were the belly dancers.  This year there were three troupes sharing the Middle Eastern Dance hour.  I enjoyed Na’Di El Raks which I’d seen here before, as well as at the fair.  They exemplified the bare midriff that makes belly dancing so popular with the guys.   Next up was Banat Misr with a less provocative form of the dance.  As the picture shows above, they’re modestly covered from neck to toe.  I didn’t stay for the third troupe, because Bert Kreischer of Trip Flip was about to start over at the Travel and Adventure Theatre.

My Travel Loot
My Travel Show Loot

For those of you who haven’t seen Trip Flip, Mr. Kreischer is a comedian who recruits average folks to go on mystery trips.  Then he takes them on some adventure that’s just outside the average person’s comfort zone.  It’s a fun show to watch, but since I’d rather go to a museum than bungee jump, his presentation didn’t resonate with me.  I do think everyone should be out in the world experiencing what it has to offer.  If jumping off of and out of things intrigues you, then you should definitely pursue those opportunities.  Me, I get my giggles without risking my neck.

Like Chris’ Q&A, Bert’s audience was primarily interested in behind-the-scenes scoop on the TV show, so I slipped away to visit the rest of the booths and make sure I had every possible brochure.  I see lots of travel dreaming in my future.

2 thoughts on “The 2013 Dallas Travel & Adventure Show”

  1. Jane – I actually read this blog on my i-Pad and then when I left a comment, it didn’t want to go through. So, here I am again. Tom and I both enjoy shows like the travel show you bring us. I’m working hard so that we might be able to do a somewhat energy limiting river cruise by late spring or maybe even early fall of next year. I honestly miss traveling and found myself guarding the luggage and not allowing it to be moved to th back of the closet last night. I’ll be looking forward to your next show find.


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