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Shopkicking the Galleria & Cartwheeling Home


With my Ulta disappointment turned to triumph, it was time for further investigation into the whole Shopkick experience. I’d browsed through enough online catalogs to unlock a whole bevy of walk-in points.  If you don’t know what I mean by that, then you need me to invite you to Shopkick.  How else are you going to earn your shopkick points and get your reward?

Earning Shopkick Points

I’d had my first Shopkick experience at Best Buy, but I was still a long way from the 75000+ points I needed to earn my Coach bag.  Since I was out doing other errands, it made sense to stop by the Galleria and get my kicks.

My first walk-in was Macy’s and it just didn’t work.  Shopkick told me how sorry it was and asked for a few details, but I was crestfallen.  Next stop, American Eagle Outfitters.  It took some effort, but I finally got that work. Now I was getting worried.  Had the ease of my Best Buy experience been a fluke?

Apparently, not.  I zipped into Old Navy.  Ding! I got my kicks.  I cruised through Sony.  Ding! I got my kicks!  I was a happy apper!  Feeling very cocky, I strolled into Godiva, whipped out my phone, accessed Fidme and asked for my chocolate of the month. That’s the perk you receive for being a member of the Godiva Chocolate Rewards Club. (Hello Godiva, you need to start Shopkicking.)   However, it was fun to get my phone scanned and walk away with a free chocolate.  SCORE!!

I haven’t had so much fun shopping in years! Next on my list was Target.  I had 50 Shopkick walk-in points waiting for me there and I needed to pick up a few things.  I love Target.  It is my Big Box store of choice and with my REDcard, the Target Debit Card, I get 5% off everything.  And DING! I got my kicks.

Discovering Cartwheel

Feeling all app-y, I mentioned my 50 kick coup to the cashier.  “I don’t know about Shopkicks,”she said, “but do you know about Cartwheel?”  That’s Target’s own shopping app.  I promised to check it out and since it was a day for apps, I searched for it on my phone – right there in the store.  BANG.  There it was.  When I downloaded, I already had a Cartwheel Badge, because one of my facebook friends also Cartwheels.  How’s that for APP-y?

Here’s the drill with Cartwheel.  You browse through their online coupons and load as many as eleven of them per transaction.  Then you go to the store and do your shopping.  At checkout, you hand your phone to the cashier.  Most of the discounts are 5%, but I did find one coupon for 10% that I could use. When I pay with my REDcard, that’s another 5% – so the savings start to add up.  I’d like to invite you to Cartwheel and see what happens on my end, so let me know if you’d like to Cartwheel, too.

Thank you Charming Charlie!
Thank you Charming Charlie!

Non-APPy Shopping

I had one more shopping errand: Charming Charlie.  They don’t give you a loyalty card, so no FidMe was necessary and there were no Shopkicks to be had, just a $5 reward to spend.

You may not think $5 is a lot, but if that’s the case, then you haven’t been to Charming Charlie.  I bee-lined to the clearance area where they were having two-for-one on all clearance items.  I got these two bracelet sets with a coupon and a buck.

To start getting Charming Charlie awards just give them your phone number and email address. From then on, they’ll ask for your phone number when you check out and the coupons show up in your email.

It was time to go home.  Mr. Bill had already called once to see if I was still alive.  We made some dinner and hunkered down on the couch, but I couldn’t keep my mind on the TV.  I found Cartwheel and selected coupons for my next visit.  Then I moved on to Shopkick where I eventually went through every online catalog available.  I loved it – every time it dinged I fist-pumped.  I’m still a long way from my Coach Bag, but with new points added everyday, I’m getting closer and closer.

2 thoughts on “Shopkicking the Galleria & Cartwheeling Home”

    1. I’m blown away by the savings and rewards I can get with just a little extra effort. I was at Target again yesterday. I got Shopkick points when I walked in. I used coupons and cartwheel offers to save on most of what I was buying. The coupons came off packaging from previous purchases, with my cash register receipts, off Target’s site and from the Kellogg site where I input the codes from their products. While I shopped, I scanned a few items for more Shopkick points. Then 5% off all of it with my Target Debit Card. At the cash register, I wanted to scream out, “People, what are you doing?” They were just paying full price and putting it on a credit card where they probably are charged interest. I used to do the same thing, but I’ve become a disciple for saving money.


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