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Dallas Travel and Adventure Show 2013

Travel Show Hula Dancers getting ready for their performance
Travel Show Hula Dancers getting ready for their performance


One of my favorite events is returning to Dallas this weekend, the Travel and Adventure Show presented by Adventure Expo, and it’s gonna be big.  For several years now I’ve touted the event and you have to remember, no one pays me to do this.

What to Expect

This year Pauline Frommer of the Frommer Guides, Patricia Schultz of 1000 Places to See Before You Die, Chris Harrison of ABC’s The Bachelor, actor/author Andrew McCarthy and Bert Kreischer of Travel Channel’s Trip Flip will be among the travel celebrities. Unfortunately, Samantha Brown will not be returning, but I’ll try to get over my disappointment.

Why in the world would you get in your car and pay money to go to a travel show when you’ve got the Travel Channel?  Come on!  Get out of your chair and rediscover LIVE!

How to Enjoy the Experrience

Here’s how to enjoy the travel event.  First go to the Dallas Travel and Adventure Show site and click on “Plan Your Visit/Schedule-At-A-Glance”.  There you will see the schedule for all four stages for the two day event.  You’ve got your Culinary Stage for foodies, your Travel & Adventure Theater for the celebrities, Destination Theater for talks about specific destinations and then the Global Beats Stage.  I confess, Global Beats takes up a lot of my time.  You want hula, you got hula.  You want hip hop, you got hip hop.  Belly dancing, folklorico, you name it!

Then there’s your hands-on adventures.  Think you’d like to zip line, but are afraid you’d chicken out on the edge of some canyon.  Go to the travel show and you can try it out with a little less pressure and money on the line, as it were.  There’s a rock wall for climbing and this year you can walk on water.  Yes, I said you can walk on water!  Can you do that on your sofa?

I enjoy all of these things, but my very favorite thing is browsing the exhibitors.  There’s always some destination that has heretofore been all but invisible to me that suddenly forces itself onto my wish list.  I get to sign up for all kinds of contests and pick up brochures of every stripe, from recipes to restaurants to river cruises.  I also love the chotchkies.  Emery boards, plastic alligators, blow-up travel pillows – you never know what kind of essential item someone is willing to give you for free.

I’ll be there at 10 AM that Saturday morning in my comfortable walking shoes and will be one of the last folks to drag my goodie bags out of there at 5 PM.  Pauline Frommer is my must-see celebrity this year.  She’s the one who gave me the hint that led me to the Sunny Liston Tour on St. Thomas, one of my all time favorite excursions.  But these’s a conflict, because over on the Destination Stage at the same time is a talk about Travel Photography, something else I’d like to hear.  And how do you choose between European River Cruises and Bert Kreischer.  It’ll be a tough call.

So, will I see you at the show or not?

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