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Shopkick, Cartwheel & FidMe


Nope, that’s not a typo. I just discovered I have an APP-titude for shopping. OK! OK! I’ll stop.

Shopping with Apps

You may be an app expert, but I arrived late to the smartphone party –  like just a few months ago. But I remember watching newscasts for Black Thursday last year, wishing for Red Laser.  Now, I’m not a Black Thursday shopper, but as a reporter demonstrated how easily you could get the lowdown on comparative pricing, right at the point of purchase – well, I got excited.

Now, almost a year later, I got my first discount via Red Laser.  (I know I’m a little slow.)  On the same day, I collected my first walk-in Shopkicks, loaded my loyalty cards onto FidMe and found out about Target’s Cartwheel.  I’m appy now!

I’d downloaded the Shopkick app a month or so ago, but with Mother’s health crisis and death you can just imagine how little time I’d devoted to a shopping app.  They mentioned Shopkick on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer’s Real Money Report.  I immediately downloaded it, because getting awarded for shopping seemed like my kind of app.  Then I tried to introduce it to a few of my friends, but obviously they were less appy than me, because they thought I’d been spammed.  With that auspicious beginning and a midnight call from my mom, Shopkick went right out the window.

But you can’t ignore Shopkick.  From time to time I’d hear a little ding and when I checked my phone I found out Shopkick had just given me a point – for nothing – for just having the app.  I liked the idea of that, because when I downloaded it, the first thing they asked me was which award I wanted.  Well, the Coach handbag looked pretty good to me, even if it took 75000+ points to get it.  If I was getting points for just having the app, perhaps if I actually sat down and looked at what it did, I could figure out how to get a few more.

My First Shopkick Walk-in

Then Bill and I were out running errands and he mentioned that he wanted to go to Best Buy.  My reticular activator reminded me that Best Buy was one of the Shopkick stores.  Don’t ask me how it knew that, it just did.  That’s the way reticular activators work and it’s the reason companies keep bombarding us with information.  We end up absorbing more of it that we realize.

I grabbed my phone and accessed Shopkick.  Sure enough, Best Buy wanted to give me 35 points just for walking in.  Since I only had a very few points, I was thrilled to claim the new ones.  As I tried to figure out how to Shopkick, I also found out that when you click on a store, you get these little digital catalogs to browse.  What’s more, if you look through the virtual catalogs, Shopkick points appear between the pages and are yours for the taking. I immediately had a new hobby!

But back to the walk-in points.  I bet you’re wondering how hard it is to claim them.  I’ll admit it doesn’t happen by magic.  Apps are good but not that good.  Once you’ve downloaded Shopkick (Please let me know if you’re interested, so that I can send you an invitation and get points.  I need that Coach bag!) then all you have to do is access it and select the store you’re about to walk into.  BANG – the points show up in a big blue bubble on your phone.  I love the sound of shopkick points at the mall.

So, how did my 35 walk-in points lead to Red Laser and my other new shopping apps?  For that you’ll have to wait until next week!

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