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Eureka Springs Trolley Tour

Our Eureka Springs tour guide discussing the local flora
Our Eureka Springs tour guide discussing the local flora


In my travels, I’ve discovered that one of the quickest ways to cover a lot of ground is to hop on-board a bus or trolley and let someone else do the driving. I’ve also run into some people who are violently opposed to these tours, calling them a tourist trap, a waste of money, trite, canned and any number of other things.  Would I rather have the time to investigate all the things myself? Of course! But if I don’t have the time to do it “properly” then I’m grateful for the “canned” tour.

One of the many historic Victorians in Eureka Springs
One of the many historic Victorians in Eureka Springs

Local Guide Enhances Tour

Actually, I’ve found most of these tours are narrated by someone who is a local and who loves the place I’m visiting.   That was particularly true in Eureka Springs.  Our tour guide was born and raised in Eureka Springs, worked in law enforcement and used to play Pilate out at the Great Passion Play.  (I’m guessing he didn’t lip sync.)

The Queen Anne Mansion, Eureka Springs AR
The Queen Anne Mansion

We’d heard bits and pieces of the local history, legends and myths by the time we took the tour, but our guide presented them in an orderly fashion that made sense out of them.  Most of what I’ve told you over the last few weeks concerning the history of the town comes from this tour.

No Getting Lost

Another thing I love about tours is that they know their way around.  Even with a GPS giving you directions, it’s easy to get lost when you’re trying to navigate a new place – especially if that new place is somewhere as twisty and turny as Eureka Springs.  Besides, even if you do know your way around or it’s a particularly easy find your way, driving while sightseeing is hard to do – especially if you’re the driver.  On the tour, Deb and I both got to enjoy ourselves rather than one of us having to drive and the other having to navigate.

Besides the excellent information on the tour, we got some amazing pictures.  I think I’ve already told you everything important you need to know about the town’s history, so I think I’ll shut up and let you enjoy the scenery.  If you ever take the tour, you may notice that all of these pictures came from one side of the street, Deb got the other side, but when I wrote this, I we hadn’t shared our pictures, yet. Be sure and come back next week and I’ll tel you about our favorite meal in Eureka Springs.











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  1. In my travels, I have frequently taken a guided tour to get an overview of the area. Then I would go back to some spots that really attracted my attention for a longer visit. I like the guided tours so much that I serve as a local tour guide during our Dickens Victorian Village season. When buses come to town I hop on board and entertain with historic facts and tales. Most of what I say is true!


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