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Coming Attractions

Where shall we go now?
Where shall we go now?


Well, my Norwegian Epic tales are over and in just a few weeks more, I’ll wrap up my series on the Lemonade Tour. Are you wondering what’s next?

Plans Have a Way of Changing

California was supposed to be next.  I planned to visit family and friends, meet my new grandnephew and visit some awesome museums and attractions.  Then my mom got very ill, was put on hospice and passed away.  Needless to say, that took precedence over fun and frivolity.

The last few weeks have been devoted to taking care of business related to that sad loss, but my travel toes couldn’t stay put for long.  First I tried to reschedule my California trip, but the grandparents had already planned a visit for the same time.  Then grandnephew and his entourage have multiple visits planned to Dallas throughout the following months, so we decided to put our visit off until March-ish.

While I was still up in the air about my next travel adventure, I got an exciting invitation to Idaho from one of my friends. She’s one of the Four Musketeers. No, not one of those Musketeers, but one of my Y.E.N.s. (Young Even Now), a group of lovely ladies I ran with back in the day.  Which day? You know, THE DAY.  We were all younger, single and less wise, but having the time of our lives.  We’re older now and much more sedate, but still having the times of out lives – this time each with their own version of the perfect husband and spread from Atlanta, GA to Eagle, ID.  The plan is for all of us to save our pennies and meet in Idaho next October.  I’m beyond excited, but that’s a long way off and my travel toes are itching.

I looked at the calendar and recalled that my twentieth wedding anniversary was coming up.  Lately we’d been talking about a European river cruise, but let’s face it, with a trip to California in March and a trip to Idaho in October, a European river cruise didn’t fit in our budget. I despaired for about three seconds, but then I was fine.  The whole European river cruise had been a new thing, but for years we’d discussed a luxurious stay at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ to mark our two decade anniversary.  That suited my travel toes just fine, but they let me know I better plan something soon or they were going to take off without me.

I certainly didn’t want to lose my travel toes, so I immediately put on my thinking cap, but you’re going to have to wait until next week to find out what fun thing Bill and I have up our sleeve next.  I promise, it’s going to be good!

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