Plans for Christmas?

Christmas as it always was
Christmas as it always was


I love Christmas. I love bringing out the decorations, setting up the tree and looking at it all season long. I even enjoy packing it all away, because I know I’ll be bringing it all out again soon.

Tired Traditions

What I didn’t enjoy, over the last few years, was trying to squeeze a good time out of old traditions.  What worked when I was ten has gotten pretty stale, but Mom held on to it like it was gold.  Thankfully, I directed the family towards catered meals instead of week long cooking and cleaning marathons, but still something serious was missing.

My family calls me the Queen of Christmas, but my kingdom has shrunk.  First we lost Aunt Edie and then Dad.  I realized, as I sat next to Mom in her last days, Christmas as we’d known it was over.  I just wasn’t sure what Christmas would be in the future.

Since God works in mysterious ways, I shouldn’t have been surprised that right after Mom passed away someone got up in Sunday School Life Group and introduced a new project.  At first, I thought, “This project has Bill written all over it,” so I encouraged him to take an interest in it.  Last night we attended a gala kickoff event and I decided, this project has ME written all over it.

The project is Operation Care International’s 10th Annual Christmas Gift for the Homeless.  The reason I thought it was perfect for Bill was because our Life Group friend is in charge of logistics and Bill is all about logistics.  In addition, Bill has a heart committed to helping the poor.  It was a perfect project for him.

Mike Yankoski, author of Under the Underpass
Mike Yankoski, author of Under the Underpass

Then at the gala I listened to the testimonies of people who had been touched by this charity.  I heard Mike Yankoski, the author of Under the Underpass, talk about his five months living among the homeless – living among them by choice, mind you!  One of my life missions has always been to keep the arts alive for everyone – a worthy goal I’m thrilled is a part of the Gift for the Homeless.

The project is huge and I’m sure Bill and I both will find many ways to plug in over the coming months, as well as the Dallas Convention Center on Saturday, December 21, 2013.

How about you?  Have you been looking for a way to infuse a little meaning into a stale celebration.  I know charities everywhere are in particular need around the holidays, but this is where I’m plugging in.  Would you like to join me?

2 thoughts on “Plans for Christmas?”

  1. Jane – I love the idea of becoming all involved in Christmas. I grew up in a large family and traditions were steeped. Stockings were hung on Thanksgiving midnight on the fireplace hearth and it was pure holiday from there. I think it had something to do with my mother’s birthday – but nevertheless – we did the church pagents, home made candy, Mom always had large dinners ready at a moments notice and friends wee invited to drop in. Christmas will always be the strongest memory for me of my childhold. Not because of the fancy presents but because the total love that filled every inch of our Kansas farm house and beyond.


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