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Cafe Herrara, Dallas TX


My vigil at Mom’s side is over. It was a bittersweet time. I was happy to have the honor of serving her, but for her, the battle was brutal.

As the medical staff went about the business of death, my husband and my best friend came to help me pack up Mom’s things.  They waited with me as hospice people scurried about, making the loss an official statistic.  Then they set about trying to remind me there was a world outside the sick room.

The Comfort of Food

We were all hungry, so my husband navigated to an old favorite that would comfort me with Tex-Mex and Margaritas, but when we got there Matt’s Ranchero Martinez was gone and in it’s place was Cafe Herrera.  Now, don’t get hysterical! There are still several Matt’s in the area, he just doesn’t live at Mockingbird Station anymore.  (Nor does Trinity Hall for that matter.  It’s become a Twin Peaks.  Talk about dumbing down!)

Still, the night was mild, the atmosphere enchanting and we were hungry, so we gave it a try.  We entered the restaurant to find the hostess and realized that more than the name on the building had changed.  I confess, I liked Matt’s decor better.  I remember it as warm and chic.  Cafe Herrera’s version of the space had a more concrete-industrial lean to it.  I’m a little tired of that aesthetic.  I guess everyone else is too, because no one was sitting inside.

Out on the patio life was good.  So close to SMU, the clientele is younger than I’m used to up in my Far North Dallas venue.  A rollicking time was being had by all and many of them had really bizarre hair colors.  Ah kids!

On their website, Cafe Herrera bills themselves as “Modern Fusion of Healthful Tex-Mex & First Class Drinkology.” I’m here to tell you they’re 100% right about their drinks.  The Margarita they delivered was near-Nirvana! The weeks of worry faded a little and I remembered what it was like to have fun. I still had some difficult tasks ahead of me, but I was reminded that life is good.

Deb and Bill opted for spinach enchiladas and swooned over them when the epicurean delights arrived.  I stuck with my old Tex-Mex favorite, cheese enchiladas and I have nothing but good things to say about them.  Somehow, another round of drinks found their way to the table and I had an opportunity to breathe in the night and enjoy the friendship and love being offered.

Though part of me wanted to linger on the patio, exhaustion demanded we head home. I wanted to be at Sunday School the next morning.

Should you go to Cafe Herrera’s?  I’d say  that if you did, you’d have a good time and eat good food.  The prices seemed reasonable and the Margaritas were heavenly.  Just be sure the weather is good and there are tables available on the patio.  I wouldn’t want to sit inside.

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