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Maggiano’s – A Little Better Than I Remembered


When you live in Dallas, you never ever have to go back to anyplace that you don’t like.  I’d been to Maggiano’s a couple of times and hadn’t felt like there was any reason to return. Then one of the companies we invest with invited us to lunch.  Now, this wasn’t one of those invitations.  You know what I’m talking about.  Somebody you’ve never heard of inviting you to a free meal so they can twist your arm into investing with them.  This was a company that already had our money – so maybe they owed us  lunch.


My first visit had been lunch at Northpark and that was ages ago.  The second had also been lunch, but I went to Willow Bend.  This time, I was back at Northpark, but not down in the main dining room with the peons.  No, I was directed up the carpeted stairs to the second floor.  First, I was amazed by the number of dining rooms up there.  (Note to self, great special occasion location.)  Next, I was impressed with the opulence.  We’re talking two huge crystal chandeliers, white linens and uniformed waitstaff.  I felt like I was someplace nice.  The price of admission was listening to an hour or so of investment talk.  Not my favorite type of entertainment, but it does float Mr. Bill’s boat, so there we sat.

Then the food started.  First course was two different salads with stuffed mushrooms.  One salad was a Caesar salad which I passed on, but the other one was full of AVOCADOS.  Yummy.  I’m thinking it must have been their Maggiano’s salad, because Italian salads usually have olives.  Anyway, it was good. The bread was pretty good. And the mushrooms?  So so.

Second course was more food than anyone ever needs.  It’s served family style, but it would have had to be a heck of a family to eat all that food.  I was grieved to see so much go to waste, but they weren’t offering up to-go boxes, so I just prayed the food wasn’t all going in the dumpster.

The dishes were a Bowtie Pasta, Mom’s Lasagna and Chicken Piccata.  I’m going to be honest with you, the pastas were so so.  Nothing wrong with them, but I like Macaroni Grill’s better.  OK, so I even like Olive Garden’s better.  But the chicken.  It was really good.  So kudos on the salad and the chicken.

Then came dessert.  There was a huge chunk of chocolate, which I assume was their Chocolate Zuccotto Cake.  There was also something with strawberries that was to die for.  I’m usually all about chocolate, so for me to say I preferred the strawberry thing is really something.  Problem is, I don’t know what the strawberry thing was.  There was a crispy crust, some custard, some strawberries and some whipped creme.  Whatever it was, if they ever offer it to you, say yes.

So, all in all, I’m glad I was invited for lunch at Maggiano’s.  I had three wonderful things that I loved and there was nothing in the world wrong with anything else they fed me.  I also loved the opulence of the upstairs rooms.  I’d say that Macaroni will remain my go-to Italian place, but if I got hungry near a Maggiano’s, there would be no reason to keep on driving.

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