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Mustangs, Amish Bread and a Cat

The Garden Bistro, Eureka Springs AR
Finally!! The Garden Bistro.


Last week’s post left poor Deb and I wandering the crowded stairwells of Eureka Springs wishing for something to eat, so you can imagine how glad we were to see the sign for The Garden Bistro.  It was already way past lunch time, so we weren’t picky about where we sat, but luck was with us.  There was a small table right out on the patio.

First the Mustangs

As we perused the menu, we heard some fellow dinners say something about a parade, which would have explained the madness we’d encountered downtown.  I thought a parade had marching bands and floats, but this parade was all vintage Ford Mustangs. Soon we heard the distinctive roar of hemi’s and cobras.  Not long after about fifty tricked out Mustangs, painted every color of the rainbow came by and we had a front row seat.Parade of Mustangs, Eureka Springs AR

Healthy Food

The Garden Bistro menu has a wide variety of offerings, but the focus seems to be on local, healthy and fresh.  We chose the chicken salad sandwiches.  The waitress warned us that it would be served on Amish Bread, but since we weren’t sure what Amish Bread was, that sounded alright to us.  Amish Bread translated into huge hunks of baked flour.  We’re talking so huge that if someone at the next table was gluten intolerant, they would have been in trouble, just from being in the proximity.

Chicken Salad Sandwich on Amish Bread, The Garden Bisto. Eureka Springs AR
I’ll have some chicken salad with that bread.

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression.  The bread was delicious and I ate way more of it than I should have, but it was big – so big that even a bread lover like me couldn’t put it all away.   Amish Bread aside, I have to tell you, it was some of the best chicken salad I’ve ever put in my mouth and I eat a lot of chicken salad.

The Garden bistro, Eureka Springs AR
Along the bannister

A Friendly Place

About this time, the waitress showed up for a chat.  She’d been slammed since we got there and was still pretty busy, but she made time to welcome us.  Did we need another beer?  Did we like our food?  Where were we from?

Then another member of the staff showed up – the cat.  He wasn’t very interested in us though.  Birds frolicked nearby and they looked like dinner to him.  We watched him stalk the birds with an intent to kill, but the birds were long gone before he worked himself up to it.

Next week I’ll tell you about a feat we accomplished that amazed the locals.  Come back next Friday and find out what we did.

The Garden Bistro, Eureka Springs AR
The stalking cat

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