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Senor Frogs, St. Thomas

Senor Frogs, St Thomas VI
Bravo Senor Frog!


St. Thomas was my favorite port of call on our Norwegian Epic cruise. I adored Sunny Liston Tours, enjoyed my banana daquari at Mountaintop and after visiting Nassau really appreciated the quality of the shopping experience in St. Thomas. Senor Frog‘s was the perfect way to end the day.

Senor Frog, St Thomas VI
Portrait of Senor Frog

Senor Frogs

Now, if you’re some sort of food and beverage snob, I’m not writing this review for you, but if you’re the average traveler looking for a good time on St. Thomas, then don’t miss Senor Frog.

There’s no doubt about who Senor Frog caters to.  Their establishment is the first place you come to as you exit the port security gate.  We’d spied it earlier that day as we boarded Sunny Liston’s tour.  As the joyful day progressed, we made plans to hang out there on our way back to the ship.

Contest losers, Senor Frogs, St Thomas VI
Contest losers had to dance with one another on the bar. Image altered to protect the guilty.

It was the middle of the afternoon  when we arrived and things were going full blast.  As we took a seat a drinking game was beginning.  They gave their contestants a beer, a balloon and a straw.  I don’t remember whether they had to use the straw to drink the beer or not, but  I do remember that they used it to blow up the balloon – but for the balloon blowing, the straw went into their nostril, not their mouth.

That’s the kind of irreverent place we’d gone to and things just got crazier.  We asked the contest winner if he’d take our picture and he thought we wanted our picture taken WITH him, but I assured him that wasn’t the case.

Senor Frog's, St Thomas VI
Just do it!

The service was a little slow, but when contest losers aren’t dancing on the bar, they drag the waitresses up there from time to time.  I imagine that it’s hard to wait tables and dance on the bar, too.  When the waitress did show up, we ordered up a couple of very tall drinks and some nachos.  Now the nachos were OK, but nothing to write home about, especially if home happens to be Texas, but the drinks were perfect.

Senor Frog/s St Thomas VI
Shots anyone?

Signs of a Good Time

One of the entertainments at Senor Frog’s is the wacky signs they have spread around.  We were able to capture some, but my favorite, a warning sign with wheelchair speeding downhill, didn’t come out very good.  Another entertainment is to watch the shot delivery system.  One of the waitresses had on a shiny green wig and she was selling shots.  She wandered the bar with a tray full of shots and put shot drinkers through a humorous routine that involved pats on the head, being twirled around and a variety of other ministrations.  All part of the service at Senor Frogs.

Senor Frog's, St Thomas VI
Just think about it.

Making Friends

We made friends with the table of guys next to us – all young enough to be our sons.  One was the winner of the beer drinking contest and another was a twenty something kid that had just gone to work for Marriott in their marketing department.  Who knows what his job was, but he was sure he was the luckiest guy in the whole world to be employed at a company like Marriott, in a place like St. Thomas.  We enjoyed our conversation with him and helped him understand the dice game included in the bottom of the tall souvenir drink glass.

All good things must come to an end.  The men at the next table had drunk enough to forget we were old enough to be their mothers, but we hadn’t, so we made a graceful exit with our balloons affixed to our heads and our souvenir drink glasses under our arms.

Senor Frog's, St Thomas VI
Only have one and then don’t try to drive!

Do go to Senor Frog’s if you get the chance.  They have locations in many tropical locales.  But don’t drink so much that you forget how old the people you are talking to are.

Come back next week and we’ll enjoy the comedy of Second City after dinner in the Manhattan Room.

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  2. For the longest time I could not get connected to your blog….finally tonight after doing a little cookie deleting and replacing I got here. Marvelous. I love it. Thanks for all your visits and kind comments…..


  3. Jane, my favorite line was “the boys at next table had drunk enough to forget we were old enough to be their mothers, but we hadn’t!” I loved St. Thomas, 1997, Dec. Brian and I married there on the beach! Sal


    1. It was a very strange experience. It took me a while to understand they really were trying to flirt with us. I had sort of forgotten what that was like and certainly didn’t expect it from twenty-somethings!


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