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Katy Trail Ice House Outpost

Hangin' in the burbs
Chillin” in the burbs


It had been a tough weekend. I took my Mom home after almost three months of medical problems – broken arm, congestive heart failure, emergency rooms and rehab, among other joys. She was glad to be getting home, but I felt like a was returning a much reduced lady to fill the shoes of my Mom.

How could that much change in three months?  And while she was gone, several more of her friends had moved into the independent living facility where she lives.  I grew up with these people as my mentors and Sunday School teachers.  They were vibrant, capable, funny people that I adored.  How did they turn into these old guys?

Time for an Attitude Adjustment

When I got home, I fell on my sofa in a blue funk.  If that had happened to the people I had known, loved and admired, how would I turn out? Bill moved into third gear to cheer me up.  First order of business – The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp as Tonto. What an attitude adjuster! I loved it.  Next: The Katy Trail Ice House Outpost!

The Outpost is fairly new to the neighborhood.  One day it was Banditos Tex-Mex and then all of a sudden they took the sign down and were planting a forest.  When another sign came up, I wondered if they could really pull off a Katy Trail Ice House in the burbs.  See, I’d been to THE Katy Trail Ice House.

THE Katy Ice House in Dallas

Our first visit was on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Fugeddaboutit! You couldn’t get anywhere near it. The line was endless and growing.  We made another visit a few months ago and we loved the atmosphere, but couldn’t find a seat.  Will we ever make it back to find out if the third time would have worked the charm?

With the Outpost virtually around the corner, we won’t have to!

THE Outpost

As Bill and I chilled in our iron yard chairs, I kept thinking about the Hula Hut in Austin. Yes, I know the Hula Hut is over the water and has a tiki theme, but the atmosphere was the same.  Everybody of every age was hanging out under the misting fans and everybody was there to have fun.  Sawdust covers the ground, the newly planted forest cuts you off from Plano’s Park Boulevard and multicolored lights hang from the light poles.  It just so happened that when they delivered my Coors Light in a huge icy schooner, Jerry Jeff Walker was crooning Love Changes Everything.  Jerry Jeff was right.  Bill’s love had changed my depression into joy.

Words are good at conveying many things, but even if I tried to describe exactly what was going on, it would lose something in the translation.  There was some kind of game being played on a court – horseshoes maybe.  It wasn’t in my line of sight. Dogs were making themselves at homes.  Lovers were loving.  Kids were playing.  Singles were on the hunt. Waitresses were delivering schooners of beer and longnecks.  Fun was being had.

It was just what I needed after too many doses of skilled nursing and retirement world.  What  I didn’t need was the cheeseburger Bill and I shared – especially since I’m supposed to be dieting, but when I hit the scales I hadn’t gained anything, so I didn’t do much damage.  I’ve read the conflicting reviews on Yelp.  All I can tell you is that Bill loved it and I would have rather had half a Snuffer’s burger.  That being said, most meals I’d rather be having a Snuffer’s burger, so maybe my opinion shouldn’t count.

Do I think you should visit The Katy Trail Ice House Outpost.  Heck, yeah.  But if you do, call me – I’m just around the corner.  Precious and I will come hang.  OH and Bill will probably come, too.

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