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Raising Cain about Raising Cane’s


I don’t usually waste my blogspace talking about fast food, but there’s not much in the way of fast food that deserves it. The exception to the rule is Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.

Raising Cain’s Story

Where do I begin?  Well, to start, let’s talk about the actual restaurants.  Can you say clean and attractive?  See, I knew you could.  They’re not anything fancy, but the bold colors (red, black and yellow) and the extreme cleanliness of every one of the locations I’ve visited are extraordinary.  We’re talking fast food and cleanliness in the same sentence.

But that’s not all.  Add friendliness and courtesy.  I don’t know who’s in charge of their employee training program, but if they could can the stuff, I’d appreciate it if they’d spread their employee’s attitude around.  The counter and drive-thru help is always perky and they don’t say the same four things that all the rest of the fast food people say.  What do they say and how do they say it?  Go give it a whirl.  And that cleanliness stuff, it trickles down to the uniforms.

So what’s the big deal? One Love.

Keeping It Simple

I have a few hobby horses that I ride around on all the time and my poor husband is so tired of hearing about them.  There aren’t that many, they just pertain to very prevalent trends that show no sign of waning.  One of my most frequently repeated mantras is, “They should stick to their core competency.”

Take TGIFriday’s.  They started out as a burger joint.  Do they even have burgers any more?  And Chili’s?  The whole menu fit on half a sheet of paper and they had the best fries in the world.  Do you hear that McDonald’s?  There was a time I preferred Chili’s fries to yours…but that was a long time ago. And speaking of McDonald’s, this whole trend is probably their fault.

Anyway, as menus get longer, my satisfaction dwindles.  And all the menus have the same darned things.  Right now it’s wraps.  A couple of years ago, it was blooming onions.  Every restaurant offers something for everyone, but I’d prefer if they just stuck to what they were good at and left it up to me to find the variety, because when every place you go to has the same thing, life gets boring. Let’s not even go to the place where I complain because every city has the same ten restaurants over and over and over – and I’m not even talking fast food here.

Anyway, I first happened by Raising Cane’s when I was at UTD.  There’s one just a few blocks down from the campus.  I was suffering through a marketing class, so I could get a minor in business, and the whole class project thing wasn’t going so well.  Come to find out, the whole idea of Raising Cane’s was a failed marketing class project.  The professor told the budding entrepreneur you couldn’t have a restaurant that only served one thing. Two hundred and fifty or so  (I found conflicting numbers on the web) restaurants later, who’s laughing all the way to the bank?  Not the college professor, that’s for sure.

And that One Love business? Well, they’ve been serving chicken fingers and only chicken fingers since the mid-nineties and pledge that they’ll never serve anything else.  But OMG – what chicken fingers!  And then there’s the sauce.

Three Finger Box

The Three Finger Box is my one love.  You get three of their hot, juicy, crunchy chicken strips and I scarf those suckers down in almost one fail swoop.  Then I savor the crispy outside/soft inside/perfectly buttered Texas Toast, which seems to disappear the second I pick it up.  But the sauce?  I save the sauce for last.

See he developed the sauce for the chicken, but for me the chicken is absolutely perfect without anything on it.  So why mess it up.  But the sauce may just be one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth, so I’m not about to leave it behind – and I’m not going to ruin the world’s best Texas Toast either.

I’m not here to suggest that their hot, crispy crinkle fries are anything except perfect, but they get perfecter to me when they’ve been dipped in the Cane Sauce.  So far, the fries and the sauce come out just about even, so I’ve never had to lick the ramekin, but I’m telling you I would, if there were a single drop left behind.

If you’ve already been to Raising Cane’s then I bet you’re sitting there nodding your head.  OK, so some of you do actually put the sauce on the chicken fingers, but otherwise we all know how good it is.  If you haven’t then it’s time to go.  There’s only one little teensy tiny thing wrong with Raising Cane’s.  They don’t serve Diet Dr. Pepper.  It plumb breaks my heart, because if they did, there would actually be perfection this side of heaven.

Anyway, get yourself to a Raising Cane’s.  Believe me, you’ll thank me for it.

6 thoughts on “Raising Cain about Raising Cane’s”

  1. If you know Cane’s sauce, this post will having you jumping for joy. If you don’t, all you need to know is that it’s the best thing to happen to chicken since….well, frying, I guess. It’s mayonnaise-based with a tangy, spicy kick. IT’S AWESOME. Just make it, and try it.


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