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Cadot, Far North Dallas Restaurant


Shortly after Cadot opened, I visited for lunch a couple of times, but that was before I started blogging. Somehow Bill and I never got around to eating there together, until recently.

Our Neighborhood French Restaurant

The truth of the matter is, that for the most part, “French restaurant” is synonymous with swanky and expensive.  OK and sometimes pretentious.  If your bestie tells you that the guy she’s dating took her to a French restaurant, you assume he paid out the wazoo to impress her.  Maybe that’s why Bill was so eager to stay away.

There are pretentious and expensive French restaurants around, but Cadot is not one of them. The decor is simple.  White tile floors, white sheer curtains, tables and chairs of blonde wood, white tablecloths and white walls.  And there was nothing pretentious about the staff or the menu, either.

We were there on a Monday night, so it was pretty quiet, but we chose that day because we were celebrating our wedding anniversary.  They greeted us warmly at the door and showed us to a nice table.  Crystal and flatware gleamed on the crisp linen. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

The selections are classic old favorites.  No nouvelle cuisine here.  Bill chose Coq Au Vin and I picked Veal Scallopini. Both entrees hovered around $25, as do most, but they go up to $44 for rack of lamb. Both entrees were also delicious.  My husband moaned his pleasure all the way through his Coq Au Vin and they didn’t have to wash my plate when it got back to the kitchen.

Because it was a special occasion, we had a chocolate mousse. (Looooong pause.) Excuse me.  I was savoring the memory of the mousse.  So fresh, so hot, so yummy.

Another French Option in the Neighborhood

Bill enjoyed the evening so much he promised we’d be going back – that’s high praise from him.  I enjoyed it very much too, but I’ve got to admit, my favorite neighborhood French restaurant is still a few blocks up PrestonLavendou’s.  Like Cadot, Lavendou is completely unpretentious and totally delicious.  As I’ve said in previous blogs, it’s my go-to pick whenever someone wants to meet me for lunch or dinner.  Bill on the other hand much prefers Cadot.

One of the reasons I prefer Lavendou over Cadot is the decor.  Lavendou’s interior vibrates with bright colors and brick.    Maybe that’s because their theme is Southern France. Just walking in makes me feel happy.  Cadot is all-white with blonde wood, which, to me, feels cold, but is very much like a restaurant I visited in Paris.  Though both Cadot and Lavendou have great food, I prefer Lavendou’s menu.  Their crepe of the day and their bisques are at the top of my favorite foods in the world.

The fact that Bill prefers Cadot just means I’ll get the best of both worlds.  I’ll continue to meet the girls at Lavendou’s for lunch and then go to Cadot with Bill for dinner.  I can’t lose.  Neither can you, at either restaurant.

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