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Meet Me in St. Louis!

Need a lift?
Need a lift?


On the way out of Fairborn we took a break at a local Mickie D’s and got the comic relief we needed.  The Ramada had breakfast offerings, but we hadn’t had much appetite.  Now we needed a little sustenance before we headed to St. Louis.  We had to be in Lebanon, Missouri before the bank closed on Saturday at noon, but it was a little further away than we’d wanted to drive.  Besides, St. Louis had museums, gardens and parks.

On Way Earlier Than Expected

I thought if we were lucky, we might get to St. Louis in time to take a look at their art museum, since it was open late on Fridays.  I’d been told it was worth the effort.  I’d saved the whole morning for the interment, because I had no way to know exactly how things would go.  However, we were on our way by 10:20.  Not to mention we’d gain an hour by heading west into Central DST.

We traded off driving at potty stops along the way and had lunch at a Mickey D’s in Indiana.  It was the only time I’d been in the state, so I was glad to add it to my Trip Advisor map.  Still, just passing through isn’t the way to see a state.  I guess when I return to Kentucky, I’ll try to visit Indiana, too.

Difficult Driving in St Louis

Thankfully, Deb took over driving before we got to St. Louis, otherwise something awful might have happened.  I’ve been in some confusing construction zones in my life, but I think St. Louis takes the cake.  In fact, forget the construction zone business.  St. Louis didn’t appear to be the sort of place I wanted to drive, even if there were no construction zones.  However, Deb’s husband had updated the GPS just before we left and it maneuvered us around to the places we wanted to visit.

The number one tourist attraction in St. Louis has to be The Gateway Arch.  Even as we battled the construction traffic, we could see it glistening in the afternoon sun.  I’d  been to the arch and Deb couldn’t even count the number of times she’d visited – so it wasn’t on our list.  If you’ve never been to St. Louis, it should certainly be on your’s, however.  In fact, if we’d had more time, I would have returned to the arch, because in recent years they’ve complimented it with a Museum of Westward Expansion and a beautiful plaza. Besides, riding up and standing at the apex is more than thrilling.

Miraculously, we rolled into the city around three.  The Art Museum would be open until nine. So a secret wish was granted.  We had time for the Missouri Botanical Garden, the oldest in the United States.  I was so excited I wanted to pinch myself, but you’ll have to wait until next week, because I’m through for today.

2 thoughts on “Meet Me in St. Louis!”

  1. Hi Jane – Yes, it’s so true. Being able to say you’ve visited a state is more than just driving across it. One of my all time irritating issues is when someone tells me they’ve been to such and such foreign countries and then I in turn will of course want to know when they were there and what did they enjoy the most and on and on. When I get that blank stare and they tell me they simply passed through Austria from Germany to arrive in Italy it makes me a bit more than crazy. My all time favorite however is going on a day trip to Holland when you are departing from Frankfurt, Germany by bus. Really, does that mean you spent time in Holland?

    BYW, has anyone mentioned to you that it takes a long time for your blog to load. Your blog is the only one that gives me trouble. Just wondering?


    1. Hey Sheri – Mom just made another trip to the emergency room, so I’ve been out of it. Haven’t figured that slow load thing out. I checked on some friends computers and it loaded fine, but I have a couple of friends whose blogs load slow for me. Gotta love the internet.


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