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The Second Epic Day at Sea

Taste - the "other" main dining room
Taste – the “other” main dining room


After getting a clean bill of health from the Norwegian Epic infirmary doctor, I found Bill in Taste. He was finally getting his sit-down breakfast.  After the meal, we headed to the Lido Deck with a couple of things in mind.

Rock Climbing Wall

The first order of business was the rock climbing wall.  Bill had been very observant of what had been happening there, every time we passed that way.  It was time to give it a try.

The rappelling part
The rappelling part

The rock climbing wall has two parts, a climbing part and a rappelling part.  Bill tried both, but rappelling was his favorite.

One of my beefs with the Epic was that it seemed as if every where you turned they were trying to squeeze another buck of two out of you.  That wasn’t the case at the rock climbing wall.  You could climb and rappel as much as you wanted.  There was no rental fee on the equipment and it was open for a while both in the morning and the afternoon.  Whenever the wall was open, there was also a crew on hand to help you through the adventure.

Bill in Rock Climbing Shoes
Bill in Rock Climbing Shoes

Every climber has to have the right shoes.  Women understand that sort of thing.  Once Bill found a pair to fit, he decided rappelling was the more compelling activity, so he got all rigged up and climbed the stair.  Soon my beloved was dangling three stories above me.

The Rock Climbing Part
The Rock Climbing Part

Though he looked very macho coming down the wall, he confessed to some dread.  They get you leaning out of the window and then they tell you to let go.  Your head is reminding you that you’re all hooked up to every sort of safety device, but your heart shrieks, “NO!”

Bill took a deep breath and released his hold on the edifice.  The rope held and he got into the swing of things, if you know what I mean.  The grin he wore afterwards told the whole story.

Getting ready for the rock wall
Getting ready for the rock wall

Having made it safely down the wall, he was ready to give the climbing wall a chance, but after rappelling, the climb was a bit of a yawn.  After that, Bill made daily visits back to the wall for a another dose of adrenaline.

Photo Safari

After that, we went on a photo safari.  Bill took pictures of the sports deck with it’s basketball court, scouted the pools for some more shots and then obliged me by taking shots throughout the ship.  But he wasn’t going to miss his sit-down lunch, so before too long we were back in Taste for the mid-day lunch.  I was still in the salad eating mode, for all the good it was doing me.

See Bill figured out that the dinner service began in the The Garden Cafe around five.  Everyone needs a dessert a couple of hours before dinner, right.  So, we’d go to the Garden Cafe and feed his sweet tooth.  I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth, but I do like crepes and they were making them fresh.  So, I’d have a salad for lunch, but there was a whole lot of dessert consumption going on.

Between my dessert at lunch and my pre-dinner dessert, that stuffy head of mine took me back to the room for some balcony time.  It was a quiet day, but a good one.  This was the Formal or Not evening and we were having dinner in Le Bistro.  Come back next week and find out how that was.

2 thoughts on “The Second Epic Day at Sea”

    1. Hi Sheri – I was with my wonderful husband and my best friend. So how could it be awful? I was disappointed in Norwegian, but still managed to have a good time.


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