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Playing by the Norwegian Epic Pool

Welcome to the Pool!
Welcome to the Pool!


After, walking out of the art auction in frustration, I found Bill taking a nap in our stateroom.  Isn’t that what cruises are for?  But I’d stayed so long at the auction that we’d missed the sit-down lunch, just like sleeping late had made us miss the sit-down breakfast.  (What’s that about free to do what you want to when you want to?)  However, the Garden Cafe was in full swing, so we enjoyed the buffet, again.

Deb and Joe enjoying the Waves Bar
Deb and Joe enjoying the Waves Bar

Our Post Lunch Swim

We wore our swim suits to lunch, so we could hang out at the pool afterwards.  Between the Garden Cafe and the pool is The Great Outdoors Cafe (Think Garden Cafe, but smaller and outdoors.)  Then there’s the Wave’s bar, a very pleasant area with a stage.  A reggae band played there in the afternoons.  Then you got to the main pool.

Welcome Aboard!
Welcome to the Lido Deck!

The main pool is for families.  It’s mostly a wading pool with fountains, not really a place to swim.  We rarely lingered there.  Not so much because of the families, but more because there’s kind of sardine can feel to area.  Deck chairs are crammed in as if every person on the ship were going to report to the pool at the same time.  They’re not all full.  We just didn’t find it inviting.

The other pool is called the Spice H2O Pool – an adult’s only venue. It had tiered seating around a small pool and a huge megatron screen.  You can actually stand up and be wet in the adult only pool, but did I mention it was small?  Don’t think about doing laps, you’d get dizzy.  Deb and Joe said they spent a lot of time here, but Bill and I lasted about five minutes.

The Adult Only Pool
The Adult Only Pool

I’m not sure how to say this tactfully, but the beautiful people were not at the Spice H2O Pool.  If there were any on the ship, they were over at the Posh Pool, in The Haven, and they weren’t rubbing elbows with us.  We didn’t want to swim in the tiny pool, we weren’t interested in what was on the megatron and if Bill is doing a little people watching, he’s pretty particular about who he watches.

Just your average Epic passenger
Just your average Epic passenger

I suggested that Bill might be ready for the water slides.  As you can see above, they dominate the main pool.  On a way back to that area, Bill was totally grossed out by a very large gentleman whose swim trunks revealed much more of his butt crack than anyone really wanted to see.  After pointing the butt crack out to me, not that I could have missed it, Bill planted me in the shade next to the slides.  He doesn’t find sun-burned women attractive, even if they’re me.

Since I didn’t go with him, I can’t confirm exactly what happened, but Bill was thoroughly frustrated by whatever process they had in place to provide equipment for the slides, so be warned if you do cruise on the Epic and want to use the water slides.  He tried one of the smaller slides first and then lined up for the big one, but he realized immediately that Mr. Butt Crack was standing right in front of him.  Have you ever tried to avoid looking at someone’s butt crack?  Bill gave up on it and never tried the slides again.  It must have been traumatic.

We decided to give up on the pools and head back to our balcony, but come back next week to hear about Cirque Dreams, one of the best shows on the ship.

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