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Working Out on Norwegian Epic

Miami Beach, Miami Florida
Taking a stroll on Miami Beach


Working out is not my favorite thing to do. That doesn’t keep me from doing it. Land-locked in Dallas, I work-out with a trainer twice a week and ride my stationary bike for an hour on most other days.  I’ve learned it’s just what I have to avoid super-sizing myself.

Time to Work Off Some of Those Calories

Walking briskly through the deep sand of Miami Beach wasn’t a tough assignment.  Neither was going to Pulse Fitness Center on Deck 14 of the Norwegian Epic.  I met Deb and Joe in our hallway, while Bill continued his beauty sleep, and we made our way to the fitness center.

More Shopping Opportunities

One thing they do well on the Epic is keep you constantly aware there are numerous ways to spend your money on their ship.  To get to Pulse, you have to walk through the spa.  The spa is filled with before and after pictures of faces made more beautiful by a visit to their treatment rooms.  Prices for massages are easy to find.

Were money no object, I’d report to the spa and tell them to give me one of everything and two of some.  Correction, if money were no object, I’d be over in The Haven, where they have their own spa.  I’d be so beautiful when they got through with me that no one would recognize me.

Early in the morning the treatment rooms are empty and no estheticians in their crisp white coats are around.  If you follow the Pulse signs down a nondescript hallway, you’ll come to an information desk where someone will gladly sell you a training session or sign you up to have your feet evaluated.

Finally the Gym

Then you arrive at an amazing place – a fully equipped gym with hardwood floors.  This is no stinky side room with a few pieces of vintage exercise equipment.  This is the latest and the greatest and no matter what machine you choose, you can do your reps peering out over the ocean.  You may have to pay for a yoga class, but working out on your own is included in the price of your cruise.  Pulse Fitness Center was one of my favorite things about the ship – and remember, I don’t even like to work out.

Deb and Joe boarded the ellipticals, but I sat down on a recumbent stationary bike next to the windows.  I’d brought my Kindle for entertainment during my hour long ride, but I frequently found myself peering over the top of my e-reader to look at the ever-changing sea.

Along with the cardio workout, Deb and Joe did some weight-training and left before I did.  Later in the day, Bill also made his way to the fitness center and he agreed with me whole-heartedly.  Pulse is one of the things that Norwegian got very right and all four us us thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

So what did we do our first day at sea?  Well, come back next week and I’ll tell you.

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